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Complete the tasks below, in Champioship Practice Mode, to unlock the secret vehicles.

On the Hawaii track Finish under 3.47 to Unlock the Monsta vehicle.
On the England track Finish under 1.46 to Unlock the Bulldog vehicle.
On the China track Finish under 1.14 to Unlock the Enforcer vehicle.
On the Japan track Finish under 2.48 to Unlock the Rocket vehicle.
On the Australia track Finish under 1.49 to Unlock the Surgeon vehicle.
On the Kenya track Finish under 2.06 to Unlock the Conductor vehicle.
On the Mexico track Finish under 1.46 to Unlock the Howler vehicle.
On the New York track Finish under 2.11 to Unlock the Grass Hopper vehicle.
On the Germany track Finish under 2.27 to Unlock the NY Taxi.
On the Egypt track Finish under 1.07 to Unlock the Skool Bus.
On the France track Finish under 2.15 to Unlock the Tommy vehicle.
On the Russia track Finish under 1.58 to Unlock the Exec vehicle.

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