Battle Tanx: Global Assault

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Enter one of the Passwords below, on the 'Input Code' screen, to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Level select .... 8ODYS
Level select (2) .... DOYDS
Invincibility .... HPPYHPPY
All weapons .... RCKTSRDGLR
Campaign mode bonus level* .... WRDRB
Brandon's gang .... NNKNHCKS
Custom 1 gang* .... TRDDYBRRKS
Unlock Level 01: Ground Zero .... FRHBMCTNTK
Unlock Level 02: The Tunnel .... LHTSPMFRGS
Unlock Level 03: Times Square .... NGLFFPTTFP
Unlock Level 04: Stranglehold Bridge .... SHPPNRVWGB
Unlock Level 05: Bonus Level .... MRFFCRTKP
Unlock Level 06: Heartland .... LPGCVBBJCF
Unlock Level 07: Lake Shore Drive .... GLWHJCRNLK
Unlock Level 08: State Street .... KMKJTMHRNS
Unlock Level 09: Bonus Level .... FLWWFCWNRK
Unlock Level 10: Armageddon Highway .... WSMBCPVRWS
Unlock Level 11: Area 51 .... CGJWVRGLNM
Unlock Level 12: Fremont Street .... KVVLHFHWTB
Unlock Level 13: Bonus Level .... FCLPJRWTMP
Unlock Level 14: Crimson Gate .... TMFNJMKJGF
Unlock Level 15: Warf .... PPJLJHRCVV
Unlock Level 16: Bonus Level .... LNKNSWKGTH
Unlock Level 17 Q-Zone .... WMNRSMRTR
Unlock the Bonus Level .... WRDRB

Cheat Notes:
*Custom 1 gang:
Unlocks the Custom 1 gang (M2 Hydra tank ) in multi-player mode.
*Campaign mode bonus level: Unlocks the Boat Assault secret level after campaign mode is completed.

On the ''Input Code'' screen, you must type in one of these five codes that corresponds to the team you are playing on (there is a maximum of five teams in multiplayer).
Once you enter the correct code for your team, you should see the tanks get really small.

Team .... Password
Team 1: DR1NKM3
Team 2: SHR1MP
Team 3: T0MTHMB
Team 4: M1N1M3
Team 5: PYGMY

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Marcus Rose


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