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Enter one of the Passwords below to enable the Effect you require.
Be sure to read the notes about some of the cheats marked with a '*'

Effect .... Password
Invincibility* .... MSTSRVV
Unlimited lives .... LVFRVR
All weapons .... PLVRZM
Unlimited ammunition .... LTSFBLLTS
Invisibility* .... CRSTLCLR
All gangs in campaign mode .... LTSLTSGNGS
Storm Ravens gang* .... WMNRSMRTR
Frog mode .... FRGZ
Toad gang* .... TDZ
Run Story mode .... CDPLT
Psychedelic view .... CNCTHRTM
Spinning view .... HVRL

Cheat Notes:
Only the tank you control will be invincible; watch your Goliath tank.
*Invisibility: Only the tank you control will be invisible until you die once.
*Storm Ravens gang: The all-women Storm Ravens game, with laser and cloak power-up will be selectable.
*Toad gang: Replaces the Queen Lords with toads.

Enter one of the Passwords below to start at the corresponding level with the Nuclear Knights gang.

Level .... Password
The Tunnel .... FRHBMCTNTK
Times Square .... LHTSPMFRGS
Strangehold Bridge .... NGLFFPTTFP
Bonus 1 .... SHPPNRVGWB
Lake Shore Drive .... LPGCVBBJCF
State Street .... GLWHJCRNLK
Bonus 2 .... KMKJTMHRNS
Armageddon Highway .... FLWWFCWNRK
Area 51 .... WSMBCPVRWS
Freemont Street .... CGJWVRGLNM
Bonus 3 .... KVVLHFHWTB
Crimson Gate .... FCLPJRWTMP
The Wharf .... TMFNJMKJGF
Bonus 4 .... PPJLHRCVV


During play, hold:
C-Left + C-Right + C-Up + C-Down.

Multi-player weapons power-up:
Begin game play in multi-player mode and collect at least fifteen of one weapon, except for grenades. Aim at an opponent, then press A + B to fire a powered-up version of that weapon. When fifteen guided missiles have been collected, it creates a super missile that is larger, but slower, than normal missiles. After firing this missile, press Z to shoot a limited amount of lasers from it.
Drive Goliath tank off rail: While in the Goliath tank, hold C-Left or C-Right until the tank stops. Then, hold C-Down until a grinding sound is heard. A message stating that the tank is off the rail will appear. The tank may now be driven to any location as needed.
Area 51 teleport: Begin a multi-player game in the Area 51 level. Shoot both UFOs and enter their debris to teleport from one to the other.
Sightseeing: Begin game play in annihilation mode with two CPU players. Wait until "Loser" appears on screen after one is defeated, then use the controller to move through the level.
Indestructible Gun Buddy: Collect a Gun Buddy, the back up into any wall that can not be destroyed. Drop the Gun Buddy to insert it into the wall. It will be able to fire, but can not be destroyed.
Cloaking: Cloaking will make you invisible, but if you fire or have a queen with you, your tank will become visible again.
Slow guided missile: Enable the "Unlimited weapons" code, then start a game. Press B to select guided missiles, then press A + B to use them. You should also be able to fire lasers out the top of your missile.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Big 'H' and Marcus Rose


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