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Bass Hunter 64
In-Fisherman: Bass Hunter 64

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Enter one of the Passwords below, on the cheat code option screen, to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
All lakes available .... ALLDLAKES
Extra money .... ALLDCASH
All lures .... ALLDLURES
Alternate view .... GIMMEDVIEW
Slow boat .... WHATADRAG
Fast boat .... HYPERBOAT
Bathtub boat .... RUBADUBDUB
No snags while fishing .... BAGDSNAGS
Unbreakable line .... SUPERSTRING
No penalties during tournament .... NOPENALTY
Win current tournament .... IWINIWIN
Large fish .... MONDOFISH
Less fish + helpful display .... WHEREDFISH
More fish on depth finder .... FISHMAN
Easy to catch fish .... SUPERLURE
Fish are more active .... HAPPYFISH
Livewell filled with large fish equaling 55 lbs. .... GIMMEDFISH
Remove other fisherman .... NOCOMP
Fisherman and fish have big human heads .... HEADADBIGA
Catch Al Lindner .... FISHMAN
Silly sounds .... SILLYSOUND

Easy tournament win:
Enter the GIMMEDFISH, followed by the IWINIWIN as codes.
Never snag: Go to any location on a lake or river that has no trees, weeds, or docks near land -- a spot with a house on it is good. Your line will snag if you cast out 100%. However, if the cast is reduced to 70%, the line will never snag.
Lunkers on the hidden river: Go all the way up the river until finding a small area with logs blocking the way in. There are around seven or eight lunkers (15 lbs. to 18 lbs.) in there as well as a huge catfish.
Huge bluegill: Everyone who has fished knows that bluegill do note get very big (two pounds at the most). Enable the "Large fish" code to catch huge bluegill that may reach 16 pounds or more.
Huge bass: Enable the "All Lakes" code and go to Lake Butler. Go straight on the boat until you reach the second set of weeds. Stop there and fish. There should be about fifteen large bass at that location.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Kevin Walters


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