Banjo Kazooie
Also known as: Banjo to Kazooie no Daibouken (Japan)

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Where and how to enter the codes:
Follow the steps below:
1. Go to Treasure Trove Cove and complete the Underwater Castle section by spelling out BanjoKazooie.
2. Return to Spiral Mountain and enter Banjo's house.
3. Move towards the fireplace and stand on the green rug.
4. Press the C-Up and look at Bottles' picture above the fireplace.
5. Keep looking until Bottles speaks and a puzzle game starts. Bottles will give clues as to how the puzzles have to be completed. After each puzzle is finished, Bottles will reveal a code, which is then entered by using the Beak buster on the tiles of the Underwater Castle in Treasure Trove Cove.
Please note: These codes are not saved and must be re-entered with each new game session.

Banjo has big head:

Banjo has big hands and feet:

Kazooie has big head:

Banjo is skinny with small head:

Banjo is skinny with small heads, big hands, and big feet:

Combination of all previous "Bottles" codes:

Banjo is a washing machine:

200 eggs*:

100 red feathers*:

20 gold feathers*:

200 eggs and 100 feathers*:

Restore all items*:

Disable codes:

Cheats Notes:
*200 eggs: Requires book near Freezezy Peak puzzle.
*100 red feathers: Requires Mad Monster Mansion book.
*20 gold feathers: Requires Rusty Bucket Bay book.
*200 eggs and 100 feathers: Requires book near Freezezy Peak puzzle and the Mad Monster Mansion book.
*Restore all items: Requires book near Freezezy Peak puzzle, Mad Monster Mansion book and the Rusty Bucket Bay book

Please Note: The following Spell Books are required for some codes:
Cheato Book 1: This book is located behind the entrance to Bubblegloop Swamp, near the jigsaw puzzle for Freezeezy Peak. When you first walk through the pipe that leads to the puzzle board for Freezeasy peak and the second pipe to the spell book, a block of ice will be covering the second pipe. First, get the wading boots in the pipe near the beginning of the Bubblegloop Swamp area. Go through the pipe as Banjo and break the block of ice. Then, have Mumbo Jumbo transform you into the alligator in Bubblegloop Swamp and enter the pipe that leads to the spell book
Cheato Book 2: Transform into a pumpkin in the Mad Monster Mansion level with Mumbo's help. Leave the skull and follow the winding path to Brentilda's platform. Enter the small hole and follow the path to the spell book.
Cheato Book 3: Find the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. Locate the cave with three pipes to the right of this location. Open the middle pipe and enter. Activate the "321" switch that is inside to raise the water level. Jump into the water and quickly move to the right. The book is located in the cave to the right.

The following variations on the other cheat codes will also work after all Spell Books have been collected.

20 gold and 100 red feathers:

20 gold and 100 red feathers:

20 gold and 100 red feathers:

20 gold and 100 red feathers:

100 red feathers:

20 gold feathers:

20 gold and 100 red feathers, 100 eggs:

Where and how to enter the codes:
Follow the steps below:
1. Begin a new game and play until Treasure Trove Cove is unlocked without transforming at Mumbo's hut in any world.
2. Collect the Jigsaw piece from the Underwater Castle in Treasure Trove Cove.
3. Enter the sand castle after lowering the water.
4. Enter one of the following codes on the floor tiles. The sound of a cow will be heard as confirmation each time a letter is entered. Another sound will confirm complete entry of the code.
Please note: If a mistake is made during code entry, Banjo must exit thecastle, then reenter and start all over with CHEAT followed by the rest of the code.
Please note: The location-based cheats will only work if you have already been to the respective levels. Additionally, if the life bar is red when the "8 honeycombs" code is entered, the red Honeycombs will disappear and must be earned again.
Warning: If you use more than two codes that are not related to eggs or keys, Grunty may erase your saved game.

Unlimited red feathers:

Unlimited blue eggs:

100 Mumbo tokens:

8 honeycombs:

Unlimited air:

Unlimited lives:

Unlimited gold feathers:

Unlock gate in desert: level:

Shark Island raised:

Ice key available:

Green egg available:

Blue egg available:

Red egg available:

Yellow egg available:

Fly pad available:

Shock Jump pad available:

Open Note Door 2 in main lair:

Open Note Door 3 in main lair:

Open Note Door 4 in main lair:

Open Note Door 5 in main lair:

Open Note Door 6 in main lair:

Open Note Door 7 in main lair:

Raise the two pipes by Clanker's Cavern:

Raise large pipe by Clanker's Cavern:

Open grill by Clanker's Cavern for Click Clock Wood picture:

Click Clock Wood Jiggy podium is available:

Open grill blocking Rusty Bucket Bay picture:

Open grill in Witch Statue near Bubblegloop Swamp:

Remove ice cube blocking Freezeezy Peak picture:

Remove webs that block doors:

Smash Grunty face's eye:

Water level already high:

Remove gate blocking path to the crypt by Mad Monster Mansion:

Remove coffin lid in the crypt by Mad Monster Mansion:

Remove breakable walls:

Treasure Trove Cove level unlocked:

Clanker's Cavern level unlocked:

Mad Monster Mansion level unlocked:

Gobi's Valley level unlocked:

Click Clock Wood level unlocked:

Freezeezy Peak level unlocked:

Bubblegloop Swamp level unlocked:


Safer fall:
Press Z immediately before hitting the ground from a fall.
Jump further: Press Attack during any jump.
Swim faster: Press A + B to swim faster.
Faster dialogue: Hold B to scroll the text dialogue faster.
Slower dialogue: Hold Z to scroll the text dialogue slower.
Skip dialogue: Press L + R + B skip the dialogue display.

Bees: Use the Wonderwing move (gold feather invincibility) to hit a bee hive. As long as the Wonderwing is active, the bees will instantly die when they attack.
Snowmen: Use the following trick to kill the snowball-throwing snowmen with no flight pads nearby. Go up to one of the snowmen so you are almost touching him, then Talon Trot away very quickly. He will not throw a snowball at you for about two to five seconds. Snowmen do not throw snowballs at you when you are directly next to or in front of them.
Gruntilda: When DingPot takes you to the roof of the lair, Grutilda will say another rhyme about winning, then she will swoop down and try to dive bomb you. When you hear her laugh, move out of the way as far as possible. She will keep this up. When her broom stalls, Rat-a-Tat-Rap her (A and B). Every time you do so, she will fire a fireball. Zig-zag to avoid them. Repeat this until she throws a ball that homes in on you. When you hear the whirring sound, turn invincible. Note: She will dive for more times the more you hit her.

Hint One:
Enable the "Unlimited gold feathers" code. Activate them before you jump from a ledge. You can do this in Mad Monster Mansion on the beams on the top of the "church" room with the hand thing, and not lose any health after falling. This can also be used to walk on the rosebushes in Mad Monster Mansion.
Hint Two: To avoid getting hurt while falling down a steep cliff, put the Wonder Wing on before your jump. Hold Z and you will not get hurt when you land.
Hint Three: To save your life when falling off a cliff or having only one honeycomb, pause game play and turn off the Nintendo 64 before you die.

Purple Pots:
The first is located near the Treasure Trove Cove Puzzle.
The second is found close to the note door near Freezy Peak. You will first have to break the web with Eggs.
Green Pots: The first is found close to the second Purple Pot. Go up the ramp close to the tunnel that leads to Freezy Peak. Keep going straight until you see a web covering a hole.
The second is located near the entrance to Rusty Bucket Bay. You have to raise the water to level 2.
Red Pots: The first is located in the tunnel near Treasure Trove Cove and Clanker's Cavern.

Hint One:
Start a new game and go to Bottles the mole's first hole. Talk to him and press B when he tries to give you a move.
Hint Two: At the first molehill outside of Banjo's house, repeatedly try to talk to Bottles. After about five times he will threaten to erase your file (which he will not actually do).

Get across the green ooze:
When you get to the Bubble Gloop Swamp you will notice it is very hard to get across the green ooze it contains piranha. Find the boots when you step into the first room. You must go to the side where a weird part of the door appears. Run along the side and avoid the piranha. Bottles will be waiting for you at the end. He will teach you how to use the boots. Note: The boots only last for 20 seconds.
Translucent Banjo: Get the boots in Bubble Gloop Swamp and wait in front of the exit portal until they are about to wear off. Stand on the portal when the boots wear off to create a translucent Banjo.

Hidden magic token:
Do a back flip on the very edge of where Banjo enters the area to find a magic token.

Entering Gnawty's house:
Locate the tree in Click Clock Wood in the spring near the boulder that blocks the entrance to Gnawty's house. Climb the tree and get directly over the boulder. Drop eggs on the boulder to break it, allowing Banjo to get to Gnawty's house during the spring.
Breaking the boulder: It is possible to break the boulder blocking the Beaver's hole in Click Clock Wood on the Spring level. Stand on the ledge above the rock, then find the correct angle just to the right of the rock. Drop eggs onto the boulder to break it open. Swim into the hole on this level to find some glitches, such as the Beaver still asking to move the now destroyed rock.
Extra life: Use this trick to get that extra life on the entrance to Click Clock Wood. Go directly behind the entrance, but to the right of the back of the level. Do this as slowly and quietly as you can and you will hear the sound of Banjo walking on a pad. This is a shock-spring pad and when you jump on it you will jump up high enough to reach the top of the entrance to the level and get the extra life. Note: You cannot see the pad because of the long grass -- you can only hear Banjo walking on it (near the back, on the right).

Present locations:
(1) Inside the big Christmas tree with the Twinklies near it. (2) On the giant snowman's nose. (3) Climb down from the location for the snowman's nose present. Go down the scarf that is not that steep. When you reach the bottom, slide down the steepest hill. The last present is on a small "island" that is surrounded by ice near it.

Hidden room:
Go to the graveyard and walk around until you see a window with Banjo-Kazooie's picture on it. Break the window to find dozens of eggs and feathers.

Living Mine in Jiggy:
The Jiggy in Treasure Trove Cove near the orange Jinjo has a Living Mine in it. Hop into the water until the Living Mine comes toward you. Then, hop out of the water and shoot eggs backward. The maximum eggs required to defeat the Living Mine is five.
Kill Snackers: To kill Snackers the shark, shoot five eggs at it. Or, drag it to shore and jump while using Golden Feathers on him. You can do the same thing to kill piranha fishes. The shark gives you three honeycombs and the fish gives you one honeycomb.

Alternate game selection screens:
The game will randomly play a humorous saved game animation. Rare has confirmed that any code that involves pressing A when the fish in the bowl does something is false.
Extra jigsaw puzzle: Look at the portrait of Bottles the Mole at the beginning of the game. You will get an extra jigsaw puzzle game. Solving these puzzles will earn you extra cheats for the game.
Spell Banjo-Kazooie without time in the Sand Castle: Enter the Sand Castle with the crab. Enter the "B" when he first says something, then when he gets done put in the finishing letters "anjoKazooie" and the time will not be on the screen.
Extra lives in Mr. Vile's games: With Mumbo's help, turn into an alligator in the Bubblegloop Swamp. Then, enter the nose of the giant alligator statue. Beat Mr. Vile in his games to get the puzzle piece, then walk out and re-enter for a new challenge. Beat Mr. Vile in his three games to collect extra lives. Note: You will lose a life if any of the games are lost.
Refill extra lives: Complete the Treasure Trove Cove area. You may now return Treasure Trove Cove at any time. Go to Banjo's house, press C-Up at the picture of Bottles, then press Start. Leave the house and all the extra lives will re-appear. The closest ones are located behind the water fall and on top of the house.
Get Mumbo's transformations without using any Mumbo Tokens: This trick will allow Mumbo's transformations to be activated without using any Mumbo Tokens. Start a new file in the game. Play through the game until five Mumbo Tokens have been collected and have access to Treasure Trove Cove; but do not give Mumbo any tokens yet. Get the Sandcastle jiggy piece. Return to Banjo's house in Spiral Mountain and complete the Bottles puzzles to earn the washing machine code. Enable the code in Treasure Trove Cove to become the washing machine. Return to Mumbo's Mountain and enter Mumbo's hut. He will say, "Banjo has plenty tokens, stand on skull and press B for mighty Mumbo magic!" Stand on his platform and press B to become a termite. The sign will disappear, the spell will become free, and Banjo will still have the same number of tokens.

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