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Enter the training mode and select any rider and board. Perform the first trick on the list and then access the trick list before you land. Scroll down the list, highlight a trick you haven't performed and press A. When you land, the computer will give you credit for completing the trick you selected!

Enter any initials on every single Records screen for the first, second and third places. These Record screens include Time Attack, Contest mode and Trick Attack. After every screen of high scores has the new initials, go to the Rider select screen, highlight Rob Haywood and press the A Button to bring up his statistics. Hold the Right C Button and press the A Button to choose him, then let go of Right C. On the next screen where you choose your Board, the picture in the bottom-left corner of the screen should have the panda bear face instead of Rob's.

To play as Ice Man, win Match Race mode on the Expert level and top all the EAD scores in Trick Attack and Time Attack modes. Press the left C Button and then the A Button while choosing Akari Hayami.

Gold Ice Man is the game's best racer! To get the 24-karat boarder, select Ice Man, then conquer Match Race on the Expert level. Press the up C Button and then the A Button while choosing Kensuke Kimachi.

To ride the Penguin Board, perform every trick in the game under Training mode. It's best to stick with Rob Haywood or Panda Man. After you've done all the tricks, press the bottom C Button and the A Button when you select any character's default board.

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