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First you need a rarecandy or any other item that can be duplicated. Put it in the 6 th slot and go to Viridian city. Talk to the old guy who shows you how to catch pokemon. I'm not sure if you are supposed to say yes (I am in a hurry or no but I'll try it out just in case) Say yes or no. Then go to Cinnabar Island and surf on the right side of the island sooner or later you should find Missingno.

The Truth About Misingno (missing number)
Missingo is a glitch in the programming of pokemon because of surfing on land and water at the same time. Catching missingno will not always stuff up your game because I have caught him. The chance of missingno stuffing up your game is about 70%. I thing it has something to do with the games identification number and the pokemons id number in the programming. The cause of missingno is seeing the last pokemon you saw in another place and the reason you have to see the viridian citys weedle guy is to take that pokemons id. no. and then use it at cinibar isl. and it will be in a place it shouldn't so logically you are catching the viridian city weedle. it is the same with the safari zone cheat. In red sometimes you will run into a wild trainer that has 6 pokemon (I cant remember them all) but he has a missingno and all his pokemon are on a high level but he can be beaten and the cheat will work.

To Get Level 150 Pokemon, fly to Viridian City talk to the guy who shows you how to catch a weedle. Let him show you and without moving fly to Cinnebar Island surf up and down the right coast. You will encounter level 150 pokemon or higher levels.

99 of your 6th item
Follow the steps below..
1. Put the item you want to duplicate in the 6th slot in the menu. 
2. Go to Viridian City and talk to the guy who shows you how to catch a weedle.
3.Go to Fuchsia city and surf to Cinnebar Island.
4. Swim around the east coast beach until you find a Pokemon called 'M' or 'Missingno'. 
5. Kill him or run away, but don't catch him. Catching Missingno can screw up your game.
You should now have 99 of your 6th item..

Level 100 Pokemon with Ultimate Stats
Follow the steps below..
1. Go to Viridian city and talk to the guy who tells you how to catch pokemon.
2. Immediatly after that, fly to cinnabar island and put rare candy in your sixth item slot.
3. Surf up and down the far right coast.
You will encounter missingno don't catch him! Either kill him or run. Once you do this you will have about 150 rare candies but will listed as an odd symbol. To get their stats to the top; use the same trick, but put protein, pp up, hp up, carbos etc. in the sixth item slot.

Catch Safari zone Pokemon outside Safari zone
Follow the steps below..
1. Go to the Safari zone in Fuschia City.
2. Run away from every Pokemon you encounter until time runs out.
3. Fly up to Cinnabar Island and surf up and down the coast.
On the right hand side (where it is half-land, half-water) you will find all the Safari zone Pokemon you ran away from.

Follow the steps below..
1. Walk, or Fly back to Celadon City.
2. Go to the vending machines on top of the markets & buy fresh water.
It's only for 200Y, but it can restore a Pokemon's HP by 50 HP not like a potion which costs 300Y.

GET A Level 50 Togepi
Follow the steps..You must do this code right! 
1. Beat the Elite Four 9 times, without losing once.
2. Go to Prof. Oak and he will tell you to go to the Power Plant.
3. Go to the end of the Plant where you caught a Zapdos.
You will see a man standing there, go to him. The man will be Brock, the first gym leader you faced. Then he will talk to you for a while telling you about an unusual pokemon and then he will tell you to fight him to get it!
If you beat him you will receive a Level 50 Togepi!

The following are only found in Pokemon Red version.

Ekans ... Arbok
Mankey ... Primeape
Oddish ... Gloom ... Vileplume
Growlithe ... Arcanine

The following are only found in Pokemon Blue version.

Sandshrew ... Sandslash
Mewowth ... Persian
Bellsprout ... Weepinbell ...Victreebel
Vulpix ... Ninetales

Submitted by: Zoidlover, AJ, Neiltendo, CSJ9 and Jason Adams


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