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Hidden Players
Enter the first 2 initials from each following person--then highlight the letter that's to the right to the last letter of the hidden person's initials if part of the code says "left," left to the last letter if part of the code say "right," below the last letter if part of the code say "up," and above the last letter if part of the code says "down,"--and type the code.

Player Initials/Code 
Bill Clinton USA Left + A + B
Jamie Rivett BAT Up + A + B
Chow Cow AMX Down + A + B
Air Dog JAM Up + B
George Clinton FNK Left + B
Mark Turmell WIM Left + B
Al Gore EXC Up + Start + B
Weasel MAN Up + Start + A + B
Sal Davita SDT Down + B
Unknown VIK Right + A + B Unknown FRD Left + B


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