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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu GBA

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Rupees Hints and Tips

Hint One: Get the Master Sword, then return to Hyrule Castle. Chop down any bushes and weeds, and kill all enemies outside the castle. Return to the secret entrance which your character fell into at the start of the game and jump in to reach a room full of Blue Rupees.
Hint Two: Collect at least 100 Rupees anywhere in the game. Then, go to Kakariko Village, and head as far south of the town as possible. Go all the way down where there are three houses where you picked up the Book Of Mudora. Go to the house on the bottom right and enter. Pay the thief 20 tokens and select a chest. You can keep doing this as long as desired and begin to build up Rupees.
Hint Three: There is a place near the Desert Of Mystery with two big green rocks that you can pick up with the Power Gloves (one in front and one behind) Pick up the one behind it and go in the passage that was under the rock. There are ten pots inside, and under each is a Rupee. This can be done before and after you defeat Agahnim as many times as desired.
Hint Four: Go to the Lost Woods immediately above where the lumberjacks are located to find a tunnel. Enter it to discover three chests. The man there will offer to open one of the chests for 100 rupees. One chest contains 20 rupees, but both of the other cheats contain 300 rupees. Note: This may only be done once.
Hint Five: Get 100 rupees by any method. Go to the forest and enter at the top by the wood cutter's house. Then, keep going forward and you will find a log. Enter it. When you are inside, pay the man to open a treasure chest. Open the middle one. You will get 300 rupees. Exit and do it again until you get 999 rupees.
Hint Six: Go to the house in eastern Kokiriko Village where the lady is guarding. Go into the house , pull on the picture, and collect the rupees. Leave and dash into the tree in north-eastern Kokariko Village. After that, kill all of the guards and enter the house again. Pull on the picture and you should get 80 rupees. Note: You can only do this trick after defeating the wizard (Agahnim) for the first time.
Hint Seven: Note: You must have the flute for this trick. Play the flute and let the bird fly you to the dot that has the 8 on it. Continue north until you make it to a fairy cave. Inside will be a statue of a fairy. Ram into the statue and a sparkling bee will appear. Catch it and sell it to the man that sold you the bottle to at Kakariko Village. He will give you 100 rupees. You must have the flute and have the bird free -- if you do not, the bee will attack the bird post.
Hint Eight: Drain the fountain to the east of the desert, then grab a fish. Walk to Kakariko Village, and the man will trade 5 rupees, a magic container, a heart, an arrow, or a bomb for it.
Hint Nine: When you are walking around and see a rock that is glistening, hit it as many times as you can. It will send out rupees. Be careful and do not over hit it, as lit bombs will appear.
Hint Ten: In the Dark World, go to where the graveyard used to be. In the upper right corner is a pile of rocks that you can dash into. Slay the enemy nearby and ram into the big pile. A red rupee will appear. Leave by going to the screen to the left, then return. Ram the rocks again and another red rupee will appear. This can be done as many times as desired.
Hint Eleven: After getting the bug net and the whistle warp to section 8 on the map, follow the path to the healing cave with the fairies. Dash into the statue and retrieve the bee that appears (the Good Bee) and take it to the villager in Kaikaro Village where you bought the bottles. Unleash the bee and he will pay 100 rupees for it. This trick can be repeated as many times as desired.
Hint Twelve: In the Dark World, go to the Witch's Hut. Go northwest to where the One-Eyed Giant (the thing that throws green bombs at you) is located. Run into the tree near the One-Eyed Giant. A blue rupee will appear. To get another blue rupee, go to the next screen to the left then return to where the tree is located.

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