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Yu Gi Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul, Yu-Gi-ho! The Eternal Duelist Soul

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Winning Duels: Hints and Tips
Easy duel win (1): Have all the pieces of Exodia in your main deck and make sure the deck number is 40 (including the Exodia cards). Then, have at least two Graceful Charities, two Swords Of The Revealing Light, and a few other good cards of your choice. You should have drawn all the pieces in a few minutes, then you can declare the victory.
Easy duel win (2): Make sure to have a few Mystical Sheep #1s and at least two very strong fusion monsters (for example, B. Skull, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon). Get your Mystical Sheep on the field and use their effects. You should win within the next few turns.
Easy duel win (3): Make a deck with all pieces of Exodia as well as Mystic Tomatos, two Sangans, and two Witch Of The Black Forests. When a Mystic Tomato is destroyed, take a Sangan. After a Sangan or Witch Of The Black Forest is destroyed. take a piece of Exodia out of your deck and into your hand.
Easy duel win (4): Have these four cards in your hand: Cyber Stein, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Sebeks Blessing, and Raigeki. First, use Raigeki to eliminate all of your opponent's monsters, then summon Cyber-Stein on the field. Use its effect and special-summon an Ultimate Dragon to the field. Then, do a direct attack with the Ultimate Dragon (which is 4500). Since you have a Sebeks Blessing in your hand, use it when you direct attack with the Ultimate Dragon and your life points will increase from 3000 to 7500. Afterwards, use the Ultimate Dragon to further wipe out the rest of your opponent's monsters. Note: Once you are about to direct attack with the Ultimate Dragon, your opponent's Life Points will be 2800, which will not last that long.
Easy duel win (5): This trick requires a few Cyber-Steins, a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and a Megamorph card. If you get the Cyber-Stein, summon it and use its ability to summon the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Use a Megamorph on it, since your life should be lower because of the Cyber-Stein to increase Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's attack power to 9,000. Use a Tribute Of The Doom or Raigeki to take out any defending monsters that the opponent may have and victory is yours. You can also add two Axe Of Despairs and a Horn Of The Unicorn to increase Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon's attack to 11,700.
Easy duel win (6): If you are about to lose a duel, turn off the game then turn it back on again. Then, go to the "Record" setting on the menu screen and look for the duelist that you were dueling. You will notice that he/she has not won that duel. Do this every time you are about to lose and you will be the perfect duelist.
Easy duel win (7): To defeat any duelist you need Busterblader and DNA Surgery. When you are battling, use DNA Surgery. Then use DNA Surgery to make all the cards Dragon types. Next, summon Busterblader. For every card, Busterblader's attack will go up 500 points. Also, use some equip cards. It is possible to increase its attack to 5100.
Easy duel win (8): To summon a strong monster such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Summoned Skull, Dark Magician, etc. easily, have Monster Reborn and a powerful Monster card. Try to get seven cards at the end of your turn and discard the powerful card. On the next turn activate, Monster Reborn to put that monster on the field without a tribute.
Easy duel win (9): Summon Relinquished to the field in defense mode. Absorb an opponent's monster (face up or face down). When the opponent attacks (if their monster is stronger), it will destroy the equipped monster instead of Relinquished. Repeat those steps. Note: This also helps get rid of face down monsters that you are afraid to attack.
Easy duel win (10): The easiest way to get the strongest card is have a Cyber Stein, Megamorph, Axe Of Despair, Black Pendant, Horn Of The Unicorn, and Raigeki. Make sure that you and your opponent have 8000 life points.
Easy duel win (11): Win the Rock, Paper, Scissors game then choose second to go. If you have Cyber Stein, Axe Of Despair, or any other good power up cards and Megamorph; summon Cyber Stein, then special summon the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Since you lost 5000 LP because you used Cyber Steins effect, play the Megamorph on the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Then, play Axe Of Despair on Cyber Stein. If there are any monsters on the field, attack with Cyber Stein then Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. You should win in one turn.
Easy duel win (12): On your first turn, when facing an opponent summon a monster with an attack higher than 1000, then set Trap Hole. This will give you the chance to summon a 6 Star and attack directly with a card such as Jinzo or Cyber Tech Alligator (recommended).

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