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Yu Gi Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul, Yu-Gi-ho! The Eternal Duelist Soul

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General Cheats, Hints and Tips
Hint One:
To win every card in four battles, win the National Championship Tournament. You will receive every single card, including Black Luster Soldier, Black Luster Ritual, and the three God cards.
Hint Two: When you win the November contest, you will get all of the cards including the three Egyptian God cards.
Hint Three: To get Zera The Mant, you must win the tournament in November. You also get the three Egyptian God cards, but they cannot be played. You also get three tickets. One is the Monarchy, Set Sail To Duelist kingdom, and Glory Of The Kings Hand. You will also get Cosmo Queen, Sanga, Suijin, and Kazejin, plus the ultimate "Gate Guardian". You will also be able to get half the amount of cards there are. Note: The championships go through the entire month of November.


Second level:
Defeat everyone in the first level two times.
Third level: Defeat everyone in the second level three times.
Fourth level: Defeat everyone in the third level four times.
Fifth level: Defeat everyone in the fourth level five times.

Hint One:
In order to use one Sangan card's effect three times, set Sangan and a Call Of The Haunted. If your Sangan is destroyed by an opponent's monster, during your opponent's next turn revive it with Call Of The Haunted. If your opponent kills it in the same turn, you will retrieve an extra card from your deck. Note: This may not always work.
Hint Two: Try the following trick to use Sangan four or five times. Get Time Machine, Call Of The Haunted, Monster Reborn, and Magician Of Faith. Set Sangan, Time Machine, and Call Of The Haunted. Your opponent should attack Sangan. Activate Time Machine. Tribute summon Sangan and activate Call Of The Haunted. Use Monster Reborn and bring back Sangan. set Magician Of Faith. Get Monster Reborn. Use it on Sangan. Sangan should have been used at least five times. If you got those cards on your first turn, you should win by Exodia in two to three turns.
Hint Three: Try the following trick to use Sangan six times and summon Exodia easier. First, put Sagan on the field in defense mode. Have your opponent attack it. On your next turn, use Monster Reborn and bring back Sangan. Put it in defense mode. Have your opponent attack it again. Next, use Call Of The Haunted and bring back Sangan. Have your opponent attack it again, and on your next three turns put three Magician Of Faiths in face-down defense mode. When flipped, one by one keep using Monster Reborn from Magician Of Faith's effect. By then you should have used Sangan six times, or if you have all the Exodia pieces, you should have all the pieces in your hand by now. For this trick to work, make sure that your opponent attacks one time a turn so that you will have time to use the Monster Reborns in time.

Hint One:
First, put Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon in your deck. Then, put a Cyber Stein in your deck and duel. When you draw Cyber Stein, make sure you have much more than 5000 LP, then play it. Next, press A on the Cyber Stein and select "Activate". You will lose 5000 LP, which is a small price to pay to special summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
Hint Two: You need a Monster Reborn and a Magic Jammer. When you activate the Magic Jammer card, discard the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, then use a Monster Reborn to get it back on the field, with no cards getting sacrificed.
Hint Three: Have a deck with a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Ring Of Magnetism, and a Sword Of Deep-Seated. Summon the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and use both the Ring Of Magnetism and the Sword Of Deep-Seated. If any of your opponent's monsters attack the Blue-Eyes White Dragon it will destroy itself while losing life points. Note: If your opponent uses a magic card to destroy the magic cards, this trick will not work.
Hint Four: Have a Lord of D. and three Blue-Eyes White Dragons out on the field. Do the same thing to one of the dragons and your opponent has one monster card in attack mode. You can use the other three monsters to attack his/her life points.
Hint Five: Lay Cyber Stein on the field and use his effect. Choose Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and he will be on the field.

The following duelists can be unlocked by defeating everyone in the corresponding level the specified number of times, and the boosters can be obtained by defeating everyone in the corresponding level ten times each.
Level 1: Yugi Moto, Tea Gardner, Tristan Taylor, Joey Wheeler, Bakura Ryou
Harpies Lady Sisters pack: Second level accessed after two duels each.
Level 2: Espa Roba, Mako Tsunami, Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Mai Valentine
Great Moth pack: Third level accessed after three duels each.
Level 3: Umbra and Lunis, Arkana, Rare Hunter, Strings, Marik Ishtar
Black Luster Solder pack: Fourth level accessed after four duels each.
Level 4: Yami Bakura, Ishizu Ishtar, Seto Kaiba, Shadi, Yami Yugi
Green Millennium Piece pack: Fifth level accessed after five duels each.
Level 5:  Maximillion Pegasus, Simon, Duel Computer, Grandpa
Unknown Pegasus: Get "Toon World" card
Simon: Compete in duel tournament in November
Grandpa: Win Duel Tournament


Blank characters:
Defeat everyone in the fifth level to access the blank characters.
Booster pack: When you defeat everyone in a level ten times, you will get a new booster pack.
Booster pack (2): These characters also unlock a booster when you beat them twenty times: Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler, Mako Tsunami, Umbra and Lunis, Marik Ishtar, Yami Yugi, and Kaiba Seto. Defeat everyone else at least ten times to unlock their boosters.
Barrel Dragon's effect: Hold R button while the three coins are flipping during Barrel Dragon's effect and you are guaranteed to get three heads.
Black Skull Dragon: Black Skull Dragon is included in the Gate Guardian piece's pack.
Gate Guardian: To get the Gate Guardian, you first must obtain the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon pack. After you do so, Gate Guardian will be a common as well as Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Tri-Horned Dragon, and Meteor Black Dragon... Get the Blue Eyes Unlimited Dragon booster pack. Most likely, you will get a Gate Guardian or high level star card.
Magician Of Black Chaos: To earn Magician Of Black Chaos and Dark Magic Ritual in a booster pack, obtain the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon booster, then select it. Magician of Black Chaos will be a common as well as Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Gate Guardian.
Obelisk The Tormentor: To get Obelisk The Tormentor you must be able to have the Green Millennium Puzzle unlocked. After that. you can receive Obelisk.
Pegasus: Get the Toon World card and have access to the fifth level.
Ra: The Ra God card can only be obtained by getting it in the Monthly Yu-Gi-Oh! Magazine.
Slifer The Sky Dragon: To get Slifer The Sky Dragon God card, unlock the Golden Millennium Puzzle Booster Pack. You will eventually get it.
Time Wizard: Press L + R on Time Wizard's effect when choosing heads and you will almost certainly get heads.
Simon: Win the tournament in November (in game time).
Grandpa: Defeat Simon once.
Duel "unknown" character: On May 1 (in game time, days may vary), a man will duel you. He states that if he wins he will take your rarest card. He will pick which card he wants (for example Blue-Eyes White Dragon). However, you do not win anything.
Powerful Blast Sphere/Maha Vailo: If your opponent plays a Maha Vailo card (this will most likely be Ishizu Ishtar), play a Blast Sphere. Since its effect makes it an Equip Card, it will make the Maha Vailo's attack 2050 (if they attacked the Blast Sphere with it). Add a couple of Axe Of Despairs on to make the Maha Vailo's attack higher. It is possible to increase it to 5050.
Powerful Goddess Of Whim: This trick requires the following cards: Goddess of Whim, Axe Of Despair, and Megamorph. First, play the Goddess Of Whim with the Axe Of Despair, then play Megamorph before attacking. Use the Goddess Of Whim's effect to double your current attack power to 7800.
Special summon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon twice: Make sure to have Dian Keto the Curemaster, Mooyan Curry, Goblins Secret Remedy, Kiseitai and Gift Of The Mystical Elf in your deck. Once you have more than 10,000 LP, pull out Cyber Stein and pull out two Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragons. Be sure to be well over 10,000 LP because Cyber Stein will probably be targeted with his low attack. If you can, attach Axe of Despair and Black Pendant on him.
Summon Exodia easier: Get Witch Of the Black Forest and/or Sangan, all five pieces of Exodia, Monster Reborn, and Magician of Faith. Use Witch Of The Black Forest and/or Sangan in defense mode and let them die. Chose the pieces of Exodia to draw to your hand. Use Monster Reborn to get one of them back. Repeat the defense part. Use Magician of Faith to get Monster Reborn back and Monster Reborn to get Witch Of The Black Forest and/or Sangan back and repeat the step again. You should now have deliberately drawn at least three pieces of Exodia.
Summon Exodia easier (2): Have Swords Of Revealing Light, Pot Of Greed, and some Morphing Jars. When you have at least two pieces, use Swords Of Revealing Light, and on your next turn, use Pot Of Greed. If you get any pieces on your next turn, when you press A, press B then press R. This should help you get Exodia faster.
Easy summon: Get a Cheerful Coffin and Monster Reborn. Use them in a duel. Use Cheerful Coffin and discard the monster you want. Then, use Monster Reborn and bring out that card. Note: Works with any card, including Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
Control numbers on Skull Dice or Graceful Dice: Hold B to make the number higher or A to make the number lower. This works almost every time.
Do not lose life points from Graverobber card: Once you play Graverobber, set the card instead of immediately activating it. Once the card is set, activate it and you will not lose the 2000 LP.
Keep a Toon Monster without keeping a Toon World out: Use a Toon World to put a Toon Monster out. Use another card from your or your opponent's hand to put the Toon World back into your hand. You will now be able to keep the Toon Monster out without paying 500 LP each turn. However, you still have to pay when you attack the life points.
Use Witch Of The Black Forest two times: Have your opponent attack your Witch Of The Black Forest. Then, bring it back with Premature Burial or Call Of The Haunted. Then, use Bell Of Destruction or have your opponent use Mirror Force. Your Witch's effect will be used not once but, twice.
Strongest card: Do the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon trick. After you S Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, use Megamorph. Note: Make sure that you have less LP than your opponent before playing Megamorph. Your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon should have 9000 ATK points and can defeat your opponent with one to two blast(s).
Getting better cards: To get better cards in your deck, press A at your draw phase then press B to cancel it. Then, press R to draw a better card.
Easier way to the championship: Keep surrendering to your opponents until you get to the championship.
Relinquished trick: Summon Relinquished and use its ability to absorb an enemy monster. After it is absorbed, use Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy the captured monster (now an attachment card to Relinquished). Once this has happened, it will be impossible to either destroy Relinquished in battle or have it capture another monster. If it either attacks or is attacked, it will cause both players to lose LP equivalent to either the opponent monster's attack (if it is in attack mode) or defense (if in defense mode). This is useful if you are ahead in LP, but bad if you are not.
Getting different cards: When you defeat a person and you receive the magazine with the cards, turn the game off while still looking at the cards. Turn it back on and you will still have the win, but the date and the cards will not be added to the list. When you win again you will see a different list of cards. Repeat this as often as needed.
Pack for all ritual cards and fusion cards: Once you have entered the fourth level of duelers, Grandpa will tell you that there is a new booster pack to choose from. After he tells you this, choose the pack, labeled with the Blue-Eyes White Ultimate Dragon picture. It is the pack for all ritual cards, and fusion cards. You can "open" three packs and have receive three Blue-Eyes White Ultimate Dragon cards.
Pack for all ritual monsters and ritual magic cards: Once you unlock the Black Luster Solder booster, select it. You are guaranteed to get at least one ritual monster, and/or at least two ritual magic cards.
Rude duelist: If you are in a Card Shop, duel against an opponent that you do not like, then turn off the game and turn it back on again. Next, go back to the "Campaign" setting. Your opponent should be different. If not, repeat the process. You will soon be the rudest duelist alive.
Faster duels: Hold L + R during the paper, rock, scissors game which decides who will start. Release the buttons when the duel begins.
Dueling speed: To speed up the dueling rate and the different phases, hold B.
Pass game days easily: To pass game days easier, just surrender. Each surrender corresponds to one day. This is helps to get to the tournament in November easily and obtain two God cards, the Black Luster Soldier plus his Ritual Magic card, and possibly a new booster pack. Note: If you surrender, you will not get any pack as if you won the duel, but you will still get the monthly Yugioh and the weekly Yugioh.

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