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Yu Gi Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul, Yu-Gi-ho! The Eternal Duelist Soul

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Game Glitches
Unlimited life points: Have any trap card down on the field when you have less than 1000 LPS and your opponent uses Tremendous Fire. The game asks if you want to use a Trap Card. Answer "Yes" and use the Trap Card. Use should be left with 0 LPS but still dueling. Note: The next loss to your LPS causes you to lose.
Spear Cretin: If you use the Spear Cretin's effect (you and your Opponent take a card from the graveyard), the card you bring back (for example, Harpies Brother) will go to your opponent's graveyard, but if you look in your graveyard it will still be there as well.
Missing card: While battling Maximillion Pegasus, he uses a Toon World card sometime and will summon a Toon Blue Eyes White Dragon, which is not available to get and put in your deck. If you look at the passwords, there is none for it.
Grandpa's name: When you unlock Yugi's grandpa the name he has is Trusdale, instead of Soloman.
Bright Castle's effect: Bright Castle says it is an equip card, but its effect says it powers up "All Light Monsters" and not only the one monster equipped with this card.
Insect Armor with Laser Cannon's effect: Insect Armor with Laser Cannon's Effect reads "Powers up all insect monsters" when it is an equip card.
Disappearing letters: When you are in the deck edit area, look at a card then leave the screen that shows the description of the card. Take the top part that shows the options of what you can do with the card. The card above the one you were looking at will have the first two letters missing. Once you move the marker, they will return.

Put the arrow on the spot were the opposing Duelist Fusion deck is located and it read "Opponents Fusion Feck" instead of "Opponents Fusion Deck".
Two: Look at the Valkyrion The Magna Warrior card. It states that you must tribute alpha, beta, and "%4792" instead of "gamma".
ThreeWhen you have a "Sinister Serpent" card in the graveyard, the game will ask "would you like to returne Sinister Serpant to your hand".
FourWhen looking at the Acid Trap Hole card, the first word is "frip" instead of "flip".
FiveWhen you look at Acid Trap Hole, it reads "Frip 1 face-down defense position monster face-up" instead of "Flip 1 face-down defense position monster face-up."

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