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Yu Gi Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul, Yu-Gi-ho! The Eternal Duelist Soul

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Defeating Hints and Playing Tips
Seto Kiba: When Kiba plays Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, play Blast Sphere in the face down defense position and hope that Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon attacks it.
Seto Kiba (2): Get the Buster Blader card. It has 2600 ATK, and its effect allows it to gain an extra 500 ATK for every Dragon-type monster, either on your opponent's side of the field or in his graveyard. This is very useful, because Kaiba has a lot of dragons. All you need is four dragons in his graveyard or on his side of the field, and it can destroy a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
Trusdale: Watch out when you Raigeki on his monsters, because he has anti-Raigeki. He has Swords Of Revealing Light and a Blue Eyes White Dragon; you should have a Harpies Feather Duster and some Trap Holes. He also has three Summoned Skulls which only need one tribute to play.
Weevil Underwood: The Man-Eater Bug, when flipped up, destroys one monster on the field. Use Swords Of Revealing Light with no creatures on the field. He will be forced to destroy one of his own creatures (not including Man-Eater Bug), hopefully the Insect Queen.
Kaiba: You must have these three cards in your deck: Cyber-Stein, Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and Change Of Heart. When Kaiba uses his Cyber-Stein, he brings out his Dragon. Use Change Of Heart, then take his Dragon. Next, put out your Cyber-Stein and take out your Dragon. Note: Summoning the Dragon takes away 5000 LP.
Kaiba (2): Put Cyber-Stein, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Raigeki, and Megamorph into your Main Deck and Duel. Summon Cyber-Stein when you have at least 8000 Life Points and activate its effect (pay 5000 Life Points to Special Summon a Fusion Monster) and Special Summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Then, use Megamorph on Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to double its ATK power. Use Raigeki to destroy Kaiba's monsters, then attack his Life Points to take him to 0 and claim victory. Note: Do not try this if you are currently winning.
Kaiba (3): When facing Kaiba, make sure to include one or two Bell Of Destructions. If you are fortunate enough to have one when he does his Cyber-Stein and Blue Eyes Ultimate combo, activate a Bell Of Destruction on his Blue Eyes Ultimate. Both of you will take 4500 LP damage, but he will die and you will not.
Rare Hunter: Use Exchange to get an Exodia Piece and you can defeat him without trouble.
Rare Hunter (2): Use traps cards of magic cards monsters such as Robbin Gobbin, Consification, Exchange, Prohibben, and Cyber jar 900/900. Pay 1,000 LP to discard one card from Rare Hunter hand. Select a piece of Exodia. Rare Hunter cannot complete Exodia without one piece. Look at Rare Hunter's hand, then take an Exodia piece. If you have more then six cards in your hand discard the Exodia piece. Whenever Rare Hunter is in a battle one card he chooses will be discarded directly from his hand to the graveyard.

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