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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats
Wario Land Advance
Also known as: Wario Land 4

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Enter the sound room and highlight the Exit option.
Press Select + Start + R + L + Up to unlock Wario Karaoke.
You can also unlock this by getting gold crowns by collecting over 10,000 coins in all levels to unlock the Wario Karaoke (music test) option.
Wario Karaoke control: Press Up or Down to change the pitch of the song.
Press Left or Right to change the tempo of the song.
Press L or R to toggle between a green CD, yellow CD, or just the lyrics.


Super hard difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting. Start a new game, and the super hard difficulty setting can now been selected.
Crowns: At the end of every level the CPU will add your score and award a crown for the following number of points: 100,000: Gold crown. 10,00: Silver crown. 5,000: Bronze crown
Defeating Aerodent: Jump on the heads of the falling opponents with spikes on their bottoms. They will crouch up into a ball. Pick them up, and toss them so the spike hits the bear's butt. The bear will deflate. When his feet are blinking, tackle him from the side of his foot. He will turn over. The mouse will then pop out of the bear's head. Tackle him from the side of his head. Repeat this until he is defeated. Note :If you are an advanced player, try tackling the mouse two times each turn.
Defeating Cuckoo Condor: When you get to Cuckoo Condor, stop by the Item Shop and pick up the Big Fist. When the Big Fist is used, Cuckoo Condor should have just a little life remaining. When he shoots the shock wave or the saw, jump over them and stand under the claw for a split-second, then run away. The claw will reach down, trying to grab you. When it reaches down, hit it. It will swing up and hit him in the head. When the bird breaks out of the clock, it will shoot eggs. If you catch one, hold it. When they break, small ducks will appear. Do not touch the ducks -- they will hurt you. Keep the egg and when the bird returns (he has to face you), jump up and hit him on the top of his head with the egg.
Defeating Cractus: When you collect all the stones, go through the door that takes you there. Instead of fighting Cractus, go to the Item Shop. If you have enough medals, get the Big Fist. After you use the Big Fist, climb up on the ladder that is hanging on the wall. When Cractus appears, if he is not drooling, jump up off the ladder and down-pound (Jump then Down) on his head. Continue until he is defeated.
Defeating Golden Diva: When the battle starts, her face will duplicate four times. They will rotate around the fan she is holding to cover her true face. Then, one will become brighter and break from the rotation. Jump on it. It will fall to the floor, changing the face and turning silver. Do an upper charge throw by holding Up + B until Wario flashes. When the fan gets close to you, release B, then Up. Do this several times until the fan breaks. She will then drop small green ball-like creatures. Jump on their heads and do a regular throw by simply jumping, holding Up and pressing B. She will then drop a large blue ball with a bear on it. When you tackle it, the ball will go diagonally up from the direction you tackle it. When the timing is correct, tackle it and make it hit her face. She will now start laying black spotted eggs. Catch one, then hurry and do a regular throw to her face before it explodes. She will now throw a spiky hammer. Let it drop. When the spikes disappear, grab the hammer. Do not throw it at her. Instead, throw it lightly in the air, staying on the ground. Let it hit you on the head. You will become Springy Wario. Press A at the correct moment to bounce upward and hit her face. Repeat this until her face becomes red. Hit her about three more times and her face will stretch upward and she will start butt-slamming the ground. When she does, jump out of the way and tackle her face from the side. Repeat about three more times and she will be defeated.
Defeating: Spoiled Rotten: First, hit Spoiled Rotten in the front. Continue until it gets mad. Then, jump over it and hit it in the back. Continue until it is defeated.
Change enemy's color: In every level there are ninja-looking enemies with spears. Pound the ground and they will change colors (red, yellow and blue). You can also do this to harmless enemies.
Easy coins: This secret only works in pinball zone. Go to the gorilla with the bone on the left side. Turn your back to him and press B(2), which allows you to ram. You will find 10 cent coins in the first two blocks.
Hidden Sunflower: Go to Wildflower Fields. When you get to the part with the chlorophyll, enter the door at the top of the stem. You will see the head of the Sunflower. Take a worm and throw it into the middle of the head. It will shrink and some coins will appear. Do this three more times and you should have gained about 2000 coins.
Slower music: Crouch down on the ground to make the music slower.
Faster music: Press Down on a hill and the music will go faster.


You can collect special CDs in each level to hear in the sound room. Here are some of the secret locations where they are found.
Palm Tree Paradise: The CD is hidden in the last cave before the portal switch. Walk right through the wall from the bottom wooden platform.
Monsoon Jungle: Smash the block on the floor in the large open area where enemies throw apples. In the cave, go left and smash another block, then pound the floor to make the hammer guy jump up the platform. Get hit to turn into Bouncy Wario and spring up through the gap to a secret area to find the CD.
Mystic Lake: The CD is at the start, but you first need to press the portal switch. On your way back, smash through the block to the left of the first door.
Wildflower Fields: Float up through the gap at the beginning, then go left into the clouds. Go up as high as you can, then left. The CD is at the top.
The Curious Factory (Ruby Passage): Exit right from the portal switch room. Turn left at Jewel piece at bottom and get flattened. Go left, then fall into the next screen. Turn right to find the CD.
The Toxic Landfill (Ruby Passage): Smash through the hidden path below the third Jewel piece. Smash the second television on the floor from the top of this path to reveal the CD.
40 Below Fridge (Ruby Passage): After hitting the portal switch, return to the portal. Once there, go right and up the ladder. Crawl through the gap and drop down. Smash the block open.
Pinball Zone (Ruby Passage): Just after the third room with black balls, stand on the slope and press Down to roll right. Then, climb up to the left to the top.

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