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Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
Also Known as: Super Mario Advance 2

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Ending bonuses:
Successfully complete all 96 goals to get another color scheme for the world map, alternate enemies, a new introduction sequence featuring Yoshi, and other changes. You will also be able to start at any location on the map. Press Select at the main screen, then select a level at the status screen. Press A to start at that level instead of moving to it on the map.
Retro stage: Clear all the five levels on Star Road by finding the hidden keys and locks in all of the levels. When you do this on the fifth level, a warp star should appear on the hill in the middle of the map. This will take you to the Special Zone, where you can play on 8 retro levels.
Alternate Yoshi message: Successfully complete the game and go to Yoshi's House or go to Yoshi's House with Yoshi.


Alternate Yoshi colors:
Use the following trick to get yellow, blue, red Yoshis in levels other than Star World. Get to the Star World and get one of the Yoshis. You will now be able to get those types of Yoshis in other worlds, and they are fully grown. Note: This does not always work and sometimes you will still get a green Yoshi.
Easy Yoshi eggs: Go to level 2 and get a Yoshi. Go to Yoshis's house (resembles a tree) and eat all the berries. You should get either a Mushroom or a 1-up Mushroom.
Instant large Yoshi: In the Star Road levels, grab and hold a baby yoshi then immediately feed it a Star (the item that makes Mario invincible for a brief period of time). It will instantly grow into a big Yoshi. This is especially useful when you need to act fast and you do not have time to feed it six enemies.
Flying Yoshi: When Yoshi eats a multicolored shell, he will be able to fly for a short time.
Running Yoshi: Remain idle at the "Choose a game" screen and watch Yoshi. After awhile he will start running then start walking.
Items in Yoshi Eggs: If you eat a lot of berries, the Yoshi you are riding will lay an egg and an item will appear automatically. Yoshi's color affect its item. This works best in Yoshi's house. Green: Mushroom, Yellow: Star, Red: Fire Flower, Blue: Feather.
Flying: If you plan to do a lot of flying in a level, before entering it press R to switch to Luigi. After reaching the peak of his jump Luigi can gain even more height if you timed correctly. Do the standard take-off procedure, and hold Forward (while still holding A + B) immediately after he goes into a dive-bomb hold Back. When he gets to the peak of his climb, press Forward again. Mario can not gain any height after the peak of his take-off, but if you have perfect timing, you can get him to maintain his height for a long time. Take off and do the same as above. Immediately after he goes into a dive bomb press Back, and when he reaches the peak of his climb press Forward again.
Change coins from Yoshi to Princess: Collect all five Yoshi Coins from each level. An animation will appear showing them change from Yoshi Coins to Princess Coins.
Replay castles and fortresses: After you defeat Bowser, all of the castles and fortresses you defeated will be reopened so you can go back to them. Note: This was done by defeating Bowser before completing all seven castles.
Easy lives: If you are in a level with any kind of shell, hit it with your cape. If you are able to keep it bouncing, you get extra lives for every bounce.
Easy level completion: On Star Road. get a Blue Yoshi. Go to any outdoor level and eat a Koopa. Fly towards the end of the level. Once you run out of shell power, eat another Koopa and repeat until you complete the level. Note: This only works on levels without a roof, such as Yoshi island 1. This is very useful in water levels.
Three coins: Get a Fire Flower and hit a Chargin' Chuck with five fireballs. Three coins will appear.
Fly over the goal: On some levels if you fly high enough, you will be able to fly over the goal.
Throw and pick up "P" switch: When you go near a "P" switch, hold B and run into it. Mario or Luigi will pick it up . You can eat and spit out the springs with Yoshi.
Get congratulated: Land on top of enemies until you earn fifteen or more lives. When you land on the ground, the game displays how many lives you earned and says: "Woo hoo, bravo Mario"
Save best scores in special stages: Once you complete the special stages, you will be able to save your best scores on them. The bottom of the screen appear like: BEST (score) M or L (which character set the best score) (current score)
Stars for points: For every million points, one star will appear on the "Choose a game" screen on top of the type of game. The maximum number of stars that will be displayed is five.
Defeating Bowser: When Bowser appears in stage 1, he will fly across the screen. After a few seconds Bowser should go into his face ship and two Toy Koopas should fly out of the sides. Jump on the toy Koopas and pick one up. Run next to Bowser and wait for him to go by. Launch the Toy Koopa at Bowser and should get dizzy. Pick up the next Toy Koopa and do the same thing. Instead of flying around, he should duck and fly into the background. Then he will fly towards the screen. Fireballs should fall onto the ground. Princess Toadstool should appear with the words "Help!" in flashing letters. She will throw a mushroom and go back down. Bowser should re-appears.
In-game reset: Hold Start + Select + A + B during game play.
Easy mode: Press Select at the main title screen for an easier game.
Play as Luigi: Press R at the world map.

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