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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats
Super Mario Advance

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99 Lives
Go to World 3-3.
Climb the ladder then jump over the spark enemies to the door over on the ledge.
Find the red grass patches; the last one is a shell. Pick it up.
Go back to the bottom of the area, and then toss the shell into the doorway. Stand on the ledge and wait.
After the shell defeats enough Shy Guys to earn 1,600 points, you'll start earning extra lives.
You can easily, and quickly, earn up to 99 lives.

Free Hearts
If you're ever in need of hearts, look for one of those giant Shy-Guy enemies.
Jump on it, pick it up, then throw it on the ground again.
A heart will come out for you to collect.
You can do this an infinite number of times to the same giant Shy-Guy, too.

Gain an extra life in each level
To gain an extra life in any level, collect all 5 Red Coins scattered throughout each level.


During play press:
Select + R
This will suspend the game without turning it off.
Press Select + L to continue.


During play press:
Select + Start + A + B.
This will give you an in-game reset.

Submitted by: AJ, B. Taylor and David Koch

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