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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats
Super Dodge Ball Advance
Also known as: Bakunetsu Dodge Ball Fighters (Japan)

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Super Throw:
Get the ball and back up slightly from the line. Then, press Forward(2) to run. On the third footstep or crunch, press Throw. You will perform a Super Throw. There are 50 Super Throws in all. You can also do a Pass Super Throw and a Running Jump Super Throw. Note: These can be blocked.
Wacky Super Throw: When you start, run and jump, then press A. In the middle of that, call somebody in, and press A -- if you press Right, Left, Up, or Down this will not be completed. Now, press B. If done correctly, the entire thing should look weird. To do another Wacky Super Throw, press A when jumping in the air, then press B when one of your teammates catches it.
Counter Roulette Super Throw: If your opponent throws a Roulette Super Throw wait a moment, then have your entire team jump to the opponents side by pressing R repeatedly. Then, back your currently selected player all the way to the end of your side of the court. The Roulette Super Throw will go back at them.
Call out teammate: Press L to call out a teammate. They will run and jump across the line. You can then pass the ball to them and perform a Super Throw with them.
Duck or catch: Press A to duck from a ball coming at you. Press B to catch a ball that is coming at you.
Super flip: To do a super flip you must press Forward(2) to start running. While running, press A + B to jump. At the peak of your jump press A + B to do a super flip. Additionally, while your player is flipping you can press B to do a super throw.
Extra dream teams: Enter championship mode and get your team to first rank. You will then challenge a dream team. You must defeat them two out of three times. There are five teams, the last being the Atlus team. Once you defeat them you can play as them. When you go through championship mode again you will fight a double of your team.
Play against stone team: Play as the Atlus Dream Team and go to "Special". Reach all the way to the top and fight the Atlus Dream Team and the CPU's Atlus team will be stone characters. Note: You must unlock this team before you can do this trick.
Switch managers: Delete your saved game to get a one of four random managers.

Submitted by: AJ, CheatBookJon and B. Taylor

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