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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Also known as: Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper

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You must use difficulty level 2 to unlock characters and options:

Unlock Evil Ryuu:
Defeat Arcade mode 3 times in Arcade mode (3 different Characters)
Unlock Guile: Defeat Arcade mode 5 times in Arcade mode (5 different Characters)
Unlock Maki: Defeat Arcade mode 7 times in Arcade mode (7 different Characters)
Unlock Yun: Defeat Arcade mode 9 times in Arcade mode (9 different Characters)
Unlock Eagle: Defeat Arcade mode 11 times in Arcade mode (11 different Characters)


Unlock the Drama Mode: Successfully complete Arcade mode once with any character
Unlock the Survive Mode: Successfully complete Drama mode once.
Unlock the Saikyou Mode: Beat 10 Survival
Unlock the Mazi Mode: Beat 30 Survival
Unlock the Classic Mode: Beat 50 Survival
Unlock the Final Battle: Beat Boss Survival


Zero Combo: Defeat Final Battle once
Zero Cancel: Defeat Final Battle Twice(different characters)
Super Zero Cancel: Defeat Final Battle 3 times
Super Guard: Defeat Final Battle 4 times
Infinite Guard: Defeat Final Battle 10 times
Auto Guard: Defeat Final Battle 5 times
Air Guard: Defeat Final Battle 6 times
Zero Counter Plus: Defeat Final Battle 7 times
Hard Body: Defeat Final Battle 8 times
Guard Destroy: Defeat Final Battle 9 times
Gauge Plus: Defeat Final Battle 11 times
Limit Off: Defeat Final Battle 12 times

Submitted by: C1J2304 and CheatBookJon

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