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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats
SpongeBob Squarepants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

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Enter the password below to unlock all levels, have 8 underwear icons, and 100% Dubloons in all levels:

Enter the password below to unlock all levels under the easy difficulty setting:


Enter the password below to unlock all levels under the hard difficulty setting, all:


Level .... Password

Walking the Plankton .... BBBDBN
Muscle Beach .... GW5XB5
It's a Jungle Out There .... BBBBB5

Level 2: On the main screen go to CONTINUE type in: BBBDBN or BBBXBN or BBBBD
Get to the 3rd level of the jellyfish chapter: Enter password: GYXXBX
Get to last level: Enter ???92? in continue to unlock all levels with hard difficulty. Put in ???91? to unlock all levels in easy difficulty. Also put in 9??92? to unlock all levels and have 8 underwear icons & 100% Dubloons.
Unlock Jellyfish Jam Bonus Game: Get all the coins in the 1st level and at the end of the game if you have 100% you will unlock the bonus game.
To defeat the alaskan bullworm: First wait till he comes out and when he spits furballs out attack them with the karate glove and pieces of them will go back and get caught in his throat. Repeat.
Save your game: In order to save your game, beat Gary come home. When you play your game again, click continue, and type bbbbbn to get to, Jellyfish fields, Rock bottom, Sandy's mussel beach. To open it's a jungle out there, click continue, and then bbbbb5.
Get dance level (make the right moves and gain extra lives): When you start your game you can either start new or continue. Press continue and type in bblvbn. When you start go to sponge bob's house you should see a path to his house. Go to the end, when your there press A and your in the bonus level. If this doesn't work then do it the hard way and beat the "Come home Gary" level with 100% coins.
Go to Sandy's Tree Dome: Once u have delivered the krabby patties to the hungry people, go back 2 the bikini bottom bus stop. jump on the bench. when u get back, you will be near the krusty krab. go all the way down to either your left or right side. then u will B near spongebob's house. U will C that squidward is on a bed thingy. go up to him and he will talk to you. he will be reading a book. sponge bob will ask him if he could borrow it 4 a moment. he (squidward) will say no. sneak up to squidward when he is sleeping with L1. once you've gotten the book, the guy will read it to u. when spongebob closes the book and stops talking, you will hear some thing going BOOM....BOOM....BOOM....and you will feel your control vibrate every time. sandy will come out. go to the back of squidwards house and go straight ahead to where she is. talk to her. then she will atay where she is. just leave her behind and got to the path behind her. beat her at a karate match. soon, u will be somewhere (SB's house I think). go back to where the path to the tree dome is and you'll be there!!
Cheats to get to new places: By going to the continue menu and typing in BCBVBX, You can get all the way to "under the boardwalk"at sandy's house. And all the way to Jelly fish found up on what looks like a coral bridge. By typing in GCBVBX You can get to not only that but also to "the cacht of the day" on what looks like a coral bridge. And Finally by typing in GCBXBX, You can get to "Urchin to fight" at the Crusty Crab
Get all levels (boss levels may not Be available but try): When it asks you if you want to continue or quit say continue then Type in H0X1K?. Note the second character is a zero not o because there are no vowels.
On the pier tile easy: In Goo Lagoon beat the Dutchman's ship back to the start. Then go to the 1'st checkpoint hop on the boat get to the ship hop in the cannon aim at the Final plank hop on a ship then hop on the plank then hop and the tile is yours
Shoot Bolts to Cross the Chasm: In the Construction Site, get on your MermaidMan costume. Then, go to where you delivered the KrabbyPatty to the foreman. Shoot those red things with waterballs. At the end is the letter.
Dutchman's Treasures:
Bikini Bottom: Go to the back of Spongebob's house, go to the right.
Downtown: In the beginning construction site, go to the right.
Tree Dome: At the bottom of the tree, there is a big root. Go on the root.
Jellyfish fields: Go to where you get the tile for "On the Prow of the Ship". There is a strip of land. Go to the left on the land.
Chum World: In Chum Putt, at the middle to the end.
Goo Lagoon: Behind a rock where you go on top of the umbrellas or another part with umbrellas that move with the Reef Blower.
Dutchman's Graveyard: You're on your own.
Tile Puzzles: The tile puzzles also give you hints.
Super Jump: Oh no! You can't jump high enough the get the gold bubloon? Press and hold R1 and then let go. You've just jumped higher!

Submitted by: David Cross, CheatBookJon, Kel 20/20 and Ian Eavis

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