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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats
Space Invaders
Also known as: Space Invaders EX (Japan)

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Level .... Password
2 Earth .... wwyx tc2n qw79vy
3 Mars .... ?wz4 vcln 4w81v?
4 Jupiter .... rssn 3qj7 8?gjmc
5 Saturn .... wspz mso8 n?h8nf
6 Uranus .... cv1? qwkg j3x8r5
7 Neptune .... hv27 rw1g n3yor7
8 Pluto .... mv7h rclh 3zsr9
9 Alien Home .... rv8r rc2h x3?rjc


Effect .... Password
Unlock the Classic Mode .... clss1281999dbm

Submitted by: AJ

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