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During the game, press left or right to turn Ecco. Pause the game when he's facing directly toward the screen (in between a turn).
While paused, push these buttons:
Right Direction, B, R, B, R, Down, R, Up
You can select your stage, play sounds, and make Ecco invincible.

Golden Axe: Level select

Select arcade mode and hold:
Down/Left + B and press Start at the character selection screen.
A number that corresponds to the starting level will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Use the D-pad to change this value.

Golden Axe: Nine continues

Select arcade mode and hold:
Down/Left + A + R.
Now release the buttons and press Start.

Sonic Spinball: Level select

On the Options Screen, press:
A, Down, B, Down, R, Down, A, B, Up, A, R, Up, B, R, Up.
You can now enter one of the Button Combos below to start on the level you require.

Level .... Button Combo

Level 2 (Lava Powerhouse) .... Hold A and press Start.
Level 3 (The Machine) .... Hold B and press Start.
Level 4 (Showdown) .... Hold R and press Start.

Sonic Spinball: Multi-ball stage

Collect all the rings on a level and use the gate that appears to be a large shining ring.

Submitted by: Will Y and CheatBookJon

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