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MegaMan and Bass
Also known as: RockMan and Forte
Alt. name(s): Mega Man and Bass, Rock Man and Forte

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Use the Mega Buster as Bass:
When playing as Bass, take out one of your special weapons and deplete all of its energy. Once you have run out of energy for that weapon, you will shoot Megaman's Buster shots. Note: You cannot charge your Buster as Megaman does.
Moving while shooting Bass Buster: You can move while shooting the Bass Buster by jumping/double jump.
Treble use: When playing as Bass, it is a really very idea to get Treble before the Groundman level. This helps in this level when you reach the tiki room with the ladders and the red tiki in the corner. Bypass the first tiki and go up the stairs. Shoot the first tiki to your right, then go down the ladder to collect the extra body. Next, go back up the stairs and destroy the tiki that is blocking off the red tiki, and the red tiki as well. Then, go back down the stairs again, activate Treble, and fly up. Destroy the tikis there and continue until you are hovering over a long vertical shaft. Then, turn to the left and use the triple shot to destroy the tikis below, which will allow you to get a disc. Treble also helps a lot in the Tengoman room
Delete database: Press Select + Start + A + B + L+ R to delete your database.
Burner Man level: Extra Screws: Go to the third location where "Now Saving" appears. After that, just shoot the flying enemies and collect the Screws, Special Weapon Energy, Lives, and Life Energy.
Ground Man level: Shortcut: When playing as Bass, after you find and destroy the first three Tiki statues that lower the spikes, stand in the place of where the red one used to be. Shoot down at the ground which is not the same color as the other areas. You will go down into the hole, and will soon stop. When this happens, press Down and go down the ladder into a new room. There will be a chest in it. Open it to get an extra life. Next, fall in the quicksand. you should go down fully and fall into another room. Go down and to the right into the another room, back into the level and skipping the Tiki bomb part.
Magic Man level: Extra life: When you get near the end of Magic Man's level, there will be train tracks. Follow them to the other side and go in to find an extra life.
Pirate Man level: Push bomb: Use the Wave Burner move underwater on a spiked bomb, and it will push it away.
Recommended Boss order: Defeat the Bosses in the following order: Cold Man, Burner Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Tengu Man, Magic Man, Astro Man, then Dynamo Man. Use your normal weapon for Cold Man, Ice Wall for Burner Man, Web Burner for Pirate Man, Remote Mine for Ground Man, Spread Drill for Tengu Man, Tengu Blade for Magic Man, Magic Card for Astro Man, and use Copy Vision for Dynamo Man.


Mega Man:
Can do a dash by pressing Down + A. He shoots a lot slower than Bass, but can also charge his buster.
Bass: Can shoot five shots very fast and in all directions. Does his dash by pressing Left or Right and he can do a double jump by pressing A once to jump, then again in the air. Bass can also do a very far jump by doing a dash, then jumping while still in the dash.
Try choosing Bass, then start a new game with Mega Man and collect all the items you did not get as Bass.


Burner Man:
When Burner Man is either throwing bombs at you or using his Wave Burner, use an Ice Wall. He will slide away. Follow him to see him land on the spikes. Almost one third of his health will be depleted.
King: To defeat Kings' first form, wait until he takes away his shield and throws his cape. Shoot him now. He will then shoot rays shaped like "X"s. Jump over these and repeat the process until Proto Man appears. Proto Man will break King's shield and he will faint. Then, King will pull out an axe. Equip the Energy Saver (E. Saver) and use the Lightning Bolt attack. King will be electrocuted and will not be able to move. Do this until King's life gauge is depleted. King will leave the room and you will have to follow him. He will call upon the flying robot and the tank. They will combine into one big robot fighter. Use your special weapons to defeat it. Use your Remote Mine attack on the wheels. This will prevent him from charging at you. The robot will sometimes shoot homing devices; destroy these before they get to you. You cannot shoot the cockpit.
Dr. Wily: To defeat Dr. Wily's first form in the battle ship as Bass, keep shooting at the window that you see his face in. Try equipping the Bass Buster upgrade (not the Bass Buster Bullets upgrade) you can buy from Auto (Lighttot). When the ship vibrates, it indicates that he is going to thrush at you in about two seconds. Dash jump once, and when he is at your side of the screen, jump a second time as he turns back to the right side. When he vibrates the second time, he is going to shoot three to five laser balls at you. When he floats to your side of the screen and the skull mouth opens up (a little thing charges up) jump two times to avoid a laser beam. Dodge the two missiles he fires at you or shoot them at the same time you would jump up to the window to hurt the ship.
Dr. Wily (Method 2): To defeat Dr. Wily's second form as Bass, shoot at his head every chance you have, without being hurt as often as he would. Try putting on the armor you bought from Auto to take less damage from his laserballs and tracking bombs. If you have beaten it once or twice, try using the Bass Buster upgrade. If both of you are low in health, try using the Lighting Bold Weapon from Dynamo Man. Note: He translocates faster after he is past the half-way health mark; use the weapon wisely. After you defeat Dr. Wily, he will drop from his ship, get on his hands and knees, and bow to you several times. The ending will start soon afterwards.
King Jet: Use the following tactic when fighting the King Jet in King's Fortress 2. When the King Jet prepares to use the laser (which drains about one third of your health), equip the Blaster power-up (not the Hyper Buster) and fire at the gem as fast as possible (with Bass); o, fire charged shots (with Megaman). Watch out for the fists it fires, as they destroy platforms.
King Tank: To defeat the King Tank in King's Fortress 2, attack while it is attacking. Place a remote mine on its hatch in the back or on its machine gun in the front. Detonate them when it attacks (get directly behind or in front of it to make it attack). Then, use Copy Vision to hit its bomb-dropping weapon at its top. The flying robot is weak against the Spread Drill.
Pirate Man: Once you get Wave Burner, defeating Pirate Man will very easy. Just shoot him with the Wave Burner and avoid his remote minds/attacks.


Use this order to kill the Bosses (with the indicated weapon) as either Mega Man or Bass.
Cold Man: Weakness: Lightning Bolt; Power earned: Ice Wall
Burner Man: Weakness: Ice Wall; Power earned: Wave Burner
Pirate Man: Weakness: Wave Burner; Power earned: Remote Mine
Ground Man: Weakness: Remote Mine; Power earned: Spread Drill
Tengu Man: Weakness: Spread Drill; Power earned: Tengu Blade
Magic Man: Weakness: Tengu Blade; Power earned: Magic Card
Astro Man: Weakness: Magic Card; Power earned: Copy Vision
Dynamo Man: Weakness: Copy Vision; Power earned: Lighting Bolt

Submitted by: AJ, CheatBookJon, Aziz K, Martin Jukes, *ElvinGGGGg*, Marcus E and DooMMerchanT

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