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Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Ruby and Pocket Monsters Sapphire (Japan)

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Recommended Starting Pokemon

Recommendation One:
Treecko is the best starter Pokemon that you can get. Treecko and its evolutions are very powerful in HP, defense, and special attack. It will be very helpful in the entire game and against the Elite Four. Poochyena is a good pokemon to catch at the start of the game because it can be worked up easily. He also evolves into a strong Pokemon, Mightyena. Before going to the first Gym, work up all your pokemon to level 8 to 10. Treecko is helpful in Pokemon Sapphire because of Team Aqua and for catching Kygre. It is also useful for defeating the fishermen and swimmers.
Recommendation Two: The best starter for the game is Torchic. Even at the beginning, Torchic is very useful. You can easily level it up in the forest in between Rustburo and Petalburg. Before you get to the first gym, level it up to 16 and get Cumbusken. Make sure that it knows Double Kick (learned at level 16). Fighting moves are strong against Rock type. This should allow you to easily win the first gym. As for the Elite Four, you should have a Blaziken at level 60. The best moves for it is Flamethrower TM at Game Corner, Blaze Kick, or Fire Punch. You can learn Blaze Kick and get Fire Punch from Move Tutor. Your third move should be Sky Uppercut. This is a fighting move Blaziken learns, and is useful against the first Elite Four Dark Trainer. Your final move should be either Return or any other strong normal move (such as Hyper Beam) that can be useful against the Elite Four. For the first time in the Elite Four, you should carry Blaziken, Sharpedo (or any other strong Psychic or Dark Pokemon); Salamence (a Dragon Pokemon that evolves from a Shelgon which itself evolves from a Bagon, which can be found at the Meteor Falls; a strong Ground/Rock/Steel Pokemon, preferably an Aggron, Groudon/Kyrogue, and an Ice Pokemon such as Walrein or Glalie.
Recommendation Three: The best type of starting Pokemon (in order) are: Water, Grass, and Fire.
Recommendation Four:  Torchic proves to be the best as you get farther in the game, but proves to be difficult in the beginning. Mudkip is strong in the beginning, but weaker against the Elite Four. Mudkip is a good choice if playing Pokemon Ruby. Treeko is somewhat neutral, but is best to choose if playing Pokemon Sapphire because of Team Aqua.
Recommendation Five:  The best starters are either Treecko or Torchic. Treecko's stats emphasize on special attack and speed (which increases dramatically once it evolves). Torchic evolves into a Fire/Fighting Pokemon which can be difficult at times but can prove to be helpful. If you want Groudon, then it is probably best to choose Treecko, However the Fighting type that Combusken and Blaizken (Torchic's evolved forms) brings to the table is a welcome addition. Fighting will be an essential type later in the game. Choose wisely because you only get one. Note: If you choose Torchic, do not delay its evolution into Combusken as it soon after learns Double-Kick, one of its most valuable moves. Choose your favorite Dark type Pokemon and do not let go. Poochenya is a good choice because it is available early in the game, and it is pure Dark with good stats. Later in the game, you will be able to catch a Zangoose. This Pokemon is a Dark type killing machine. It has a set of great moves, good stats, and a bad disposition. When you catch it, read its Pokedex entry They are found just outside Meteor Falls. Use a Pokemon with a move that can either put its opponent asleep or paralyze it, preferably a Grass type with Stun Spore and Sleep Powder. Oddish is a good choice because it learns every Powder there is. If you are feeling adventurous and want to go after the legendary Pokemon "The Regis", catch a Wailmer and level it up. You will need its evolved form, Wailord (evolves at level 40) and a Relicanth. If you do go for The Regis, choose either the Registeel or the Regice. Registeel is pure steel which makes good against just about everything. Regice is pure ice which makes it a menace to all dragons out there. Registeel has high defense and special defense scores, while Regice has an incredible special defense and average normal defense. If you went for The Regis and decided to keep your Wailord in you party (recommended, as it has an incredible amount of HP) then you are done. If you did not go for The Regis, you will still have two empty slots to fill. Catch your favorite Pokemon for one and save that last slot for that ultra-powerful Pokemon in the tower towards the end of the game.
Recommendation Six: For Pokemon Ruby, Mudkip is best, Treecko is worst, and Torchic is average. For Pokemon Sapphire, Treecko is best, Torchic is worst, and Mudkip is average.
Recommendation Seven: Torchic is your best bet because of the limited number of fire Pokemon in the game. Once it turns into Blaziken and it knows Fire Blast (TM bought at Lilycove Dept. Store), Fire Punch (use Heart Scale) Blaze Kick (level up), and Sky Uppercut (level up), its only real threat is Altaria. As for Mudkip, it may be slightly easier in the beginning of the game, but the only very good move it knows is Muddy Water, which is learns as Swampert at a high level. Also, it does not do well at the Elite Four.
Recommendation Eight:  Torchic is the best starter Pokemon. Once you go to the Lilycove Department Store, you can buy Fire Blast and evolve it to Blazekein. At over level 60, it almost never fails. When you have Blazekein against a Water Pokemon stronger than Blazkein, the opponent will probably win. Recommended moves are Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam, and Overheat.

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