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Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Ruby and Pocket Monsters Sapphire (Japan)

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- Leveling up Hints -

Leveling Up Hint/Tip One: Whatever the experience points needed for the Pokemon you left in the Daycare Center to reach the next level, is how many steps you need to take when walking around. For example, if your Pikachu was on level 3 when you left him at the Daycare Center and he needs 57 experience points to reach level 4, you must take 57 steps for him to reach that level.
Leveling Up Hint/Tip Two: Put a weak Pokemon in front and switch out to a stronger one to help the weaker one level up. Each gets half of the experience. The problem is the half that each Pokemon did not get leaves a hole in the EXP graph. Those holes cause the defense to be weaker. Because of this, you need to "defrag" your Pokemon and their EXP. To do this, battle at least twenty five Pokemon in a row (but try for 40 if possible). Do this with each of your six Pokemon. When you finish, put all six into the PC, starting with the highest level first. Turn the PC off and then back on again. Take your six Pokemon back out. Then, take them to the counter and heal them the usual way. After those battles, your Pokemon will need to be healed and Nurse Joy will also check to make sure they did not catch the Pokerus disease. When you get your Pokemon back from her, they will have their EXP fully "defragged" and the defense stat will be higher. This doe snot work on Level 100 Pokemon because their EXP is already completely full.
Leveling Up Hint/Tip Three: Put your Pokemon in the Daycare Center and leave it. Go down and to the left. There should be a line of trees. Go directly up against the trees and get on your bike (Acro recommended, as it is the fastest). Ride all the way to the left as far as you can go. Keep going back and forth as far as possible and eventually your Pokemon will gain levels fairly quickly. This is also useful if you want eggs. Note: If you leave your Pokemon in the Daycare Center for too long, it will not evolve into its next form (if it has one).
Leveling Up Hint/Tip Four: To make your Pokemon levels up faster, go to the Daycare Center and drop off a Pokemon. Go outside and walk forwards then backwards (or vice versa).

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