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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Ruby and Pocket Monsters Sapphire (Japan)

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- General Cheats, Hints and Tips -

Get all three starting Pokemon: Wait until you can buy a Pokeball and catch at least one Pokemon. Trade with a friend at the Pokecenter. Make sure that your friend has a Pokemon to give away. Trade the Pokemon you selected in the start of the game, then start the game again. Continue this process until you have all three (Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip). Make sure that when you trade to your friend, he has kept the Pokemon you have given him or her. When you have chosen the last starting Pokemon, catch two Pokemon. Trade with your friend again to get back the two other starting Pokemon you previously gave him. You should now have Torchic Mudkip and Treecko.
Easy money and experience: Use the following steps to earn easy money and experience.
1. You need to be able to use Fly.
2. Have two Pokemon in your top two slots.
3. The lead has to be a very strong Water type that knows Surf (Kyogre recommended).
4. Give it an Amulet Coin, which you can get from your mother.
5. In the second slot, put in a Pokemon that needs experience. 6.
6. Give it an Exp. Share, which you can get from the President of the Devon Corporation.
7. Fly to Lavaridge Town.
8. Go right, and move down until you see the interviewers Gabby and Ty. They should not be too difficult to find; they are standing next to each other. The one on the left (Gabby) holds a microphone, and the one on the right (Ty) is holding a camera. If they are not there, go to step 12.
9. Talk to them. You should enter a double battle. You should be facing a Whismur/Loudred/Exploud and a Magnemite/Magneton, depending on how many times you have battled them beforehand.
10. Use Surf from the strong water type. It should KO both. Then, the Pokemon that needs experience will gain three quarters of the experience points.
11. Answer their interview questions (optional).
12. Fly to Mauville. Move right, use Surf to cross the river, and go right. You should see them again. If not, go to steps 7 to 8 or to step 14.
13. Repeat steps 9 to 11.
14. Fly to Fortree Head, as far right as you can go from there. You should see them. If not, go to steps 7 to 8 or step 12.
15. Repeat steps 9 to 11.
16. Repeat steps 7 to 15 again. The interviewers follow a pattern going from steps 7 to 8 to step 12 to step 14 and back again. Every time you battle, you should gain a considerable amount of experience and money. The interviewers never leave.
Getting a female starter: Keep starting the game over repeatedly until you get a female starter.
Catching Pokemon easier: You need a Pokemon that knows the Endeavor move. Have the Pokemon get hurt so that it only has about 1 HP remaining. Go into battle with the pokemon that you want to catch. Use Endeavor. The move will take the opponent down to 1 HP also, and make it a lot easier to catch.
Catching Pokemon easier (2):Go to the Safari Zone with a Pokmeon that knows Sweet Scent. Instead of walking and wasting steps, stand in one spot and use Sweet Scent. The wild Pokemon will come to you.
The Two Pokemon Of The Elements: When going after the legendary representing the team of your game (Team Aqua or Team Magma), bring about 30 Ultra Balls, quite a few Revives, and at least a level 50 Pokemon. The Pokemon will be at level 45, and will be extremely difficult to catch. The only sure way to catch it is if you bring a Pokemon with a move that will freeze or paralyze it. Try as hard as you can not to kill it, but get it down to a red zone so far down that you can barely see it. Then, go mad throwing Ultra Balls at it. Do not use other Pokeballs. The will help greatly against the Elite Four and the final Gym leader.
Strong Pokemon: After catching Groudon, it should know Fire Blast, Slash, and Earthquake. Do the side quest where you have to go to New Mauvile and get Thunderbolt. Teach Thunderbolt to it, making it forget Slash. Then, go to the Safari Zone and get Solarbeam. Make it forget the move that is not Earthquake, Fire Blast and Thunderbolt, and teach it Solarbeam. Your Groudon now knows four of the most powerful moves in the game and they are all of different types. Get it up to level 70 and it will almost never lose.
Pokemon Contest:In Pokemon Contest houses, you may enter your Pokemon into a contest for a chance to win a medal. However if you enter without any Porok level ups, you will have a very low chance of winning. The way to raise this is to go out and find the trees with berries on them, then press A. You will then receive 1 to 4 berries. If you now go to a Pokemon House, you will see small gray machines on the right. The empty one on the top is for multi-player. For now, find a house in a city that only has a man at the bottom. Go to the other side of the machine and press A. You will then be asked to pick a Porok (berry) and throw it in. The spinner will come down and start moving. The objective is to press A just when the spinner hits your arrow:
Circle Within A Circle: Direct hit (much faster)
Circle: Near hit (slightly faster)
X: Miss (slower:
The faster you (and your opponent) get the spinner moving, the better. Once the meter at the top hits the end, it is over and the results and the fastest RPM the spinner was moving will appear. You will then receive a Blended Porok. The level of it depends on how fast you got the machine going. The average appears to be 11. Next, open your Special Items Pocket and go to your "Pez dispenser" type item (which you must have to play the game -- it is obtained from the girl in the first contest house). You will then pick a Blended Porok and feed it to a pet, making one of his Pokemon Contest stats (viewable in the Poke-Navi) go up. Some can even raise multiple stats. The more you do this, the better chance you have of winning.
Pokerus: The Pokerus virus makes your Pokemon's stats go unusually higher when they level up when fighting wild Pokemon. You can get Pokerus by battling on Route 102.
Gym tactics: First, try using Kyamome or a Water/Grass starter. Then, try Water/Fire starter Grass at level 20 to 25. Finally, try Sandshrew with lots of Ground attack.
Gym tactics (2): If you chose Torchick as your first Pokemon, you will soon find out that the first Gym Leader will be difficult without the proper Pokemon. When you reach the first beach area (next to the forest entrance), try to catch a Wingull. Then while in the forest, spend some time to level it up and your Torchick. Get the Wingull to at least level 10, and the Combuskin to about level 16 to 18. You can now take out the three Geodudes the Leader has with the Wingull's Water-Gun, and use the Combuskin as backup.
Berry master's wife: To get her rarest berry, tell her "ANGRY ABRA". To get Berry Master's rarer berry, try "GREAT BATTLE", "COOL LATIOS" (if you have a Latios), or "CHALLENGE CONTEST" (when you have a Contest Pass). When you get the berries, do not Berry Blend them. Plant and water them often so that you can get more berries. Berry Master's wife only gives you the rare berry for the quote once.
Secret Bases: You can only have sixteen items stored in your Secret Base.
When you are trying to find a good base for yourself, look inside every different base you find. The interior of the rooms differ from place to place, though some are the same. If you already have a base and want to see inside others, save your game, enter it, and make it your base if it suits you.
In order to get a Secret Base, you will need TM 43 Secret Power, which can be obtained on the route between Mauville City and Verdanturf Town. You should see a person looking at a tree. Talk to him and he will give you a TM. The TM can be taught to mostly any Pokemon. When you are at a big mountain, you will see a little square. When you examine it, it will say there is a small indent. If you have a Pokemon that has Secret Power, the game will ask if you want to go in. A hole appears, and you will automatically walk in. The game will ask you if you want to set up Secret Base here. Answer "Yes". The screen will flash and a laptop will appear. That laptop is the same as the computer in your own house.
Secret Base types are bush, tree, stone wall, and inside cave.
Hidden message: After you unlock the three rare Pokemon, the Pokemon in the cave on the road after the town with the tree houses, the hidden messages is "With new time Hope and love Aim to the sky in the middle".
Amulet Coin: After you defeat your dad in the Petalburg City Gym, go to your house and speak to your mom. She asks you if you have defeated your father then gives you the Amulet Coin as a present. The Amulet Coin doubles the amount of money you get for defeating a trainer. You must make the Pokemon holding the Amulet Coin participate in the battle.
Experience Share: After you deliver the letter to Steven, go to the Devon Corp. and talk to the president. He should give you an Experience Share for impressing him, and for his thanks.
Experience Share (2): To get double experience, make the Pokemon to be leveled up hold the Experience Share. Then, send it out to battle. If the Pokemon wins, it will be rewarded double the experience that it would normal get.
Itemfinder: When you first use the Itemfinder, it may seem as if it only gives generalized hints about surrounding items. However, upon closer inspection, each use turns your character in the direction of the buried item. By moving in that direction and using the Itemfinder again, you can effectively track down any item.
Itemfinder (2): While using the Itemfinder, if it rings look near trees and rocks . For example, sneak behind the Berry Master's house and look by the trees to find a Revive. Also go by the ocean shore in Mauville, Mossdeep, and Lilycove. All around the water you can find Heart Scales . After you have Surf, go to Dewford and surf north. You will find some land. Search all around it and you will find a Heart scale . Look by the Daycare Center to see some grass blocked by a tree. Cut it down and search all around inside to find an item.
Master Ball: A Master Ball can also be found in the Team Aqua hideout. You only have one chance of getting it... If one of your Pokemon's ID number matches the numbers perfectly from the ticket you get at the Pokemon lotto in Lilycove, you will win a Master Ball... Show every trainer in the Hoenn region a completed Pokedex, then go to the Lily Cove hotel. Show the owner your completed Pokedex and he will give you a Master Ball.
Pokeblocks: If you want to raise a certain stat with the Pokeblocks, read the name of the Pokeblock. If it says "Orange Pokeblock", it will most likely raise how tough your Pokemon looks (since Tough is represented by the color orange). You can only give your Pokemon a certain amount of Pokeblocks. If you give them up to the limit that they eat, they will refuse to eat anymore. Plan ahead before giving your Pokemon any Pokeblocks. Only give them high level Pokeblocks.
Pokeblock Case: You get the Pokeblock case from a girl in the Slateport Pokemon Contest building.
Premier Ball: Buy at least ten Pokeballs and you will get a free Premier Ball.
Rare Stones: On Route 24, there is a treasure hunter. Give him a shard and he will give you a stone that represents the color of the shard. For example, Red Shard for a Fire Stone, Blue Shard for a Water Stone, and a Green Shard for a Leaf Stone. You can find a Yellow Shard on Route 34 from Lilycove.
Scanner: When you go on the Abandoned Ship and end up talking to a man who needs a Scanner, find a room with water in it. Have a Pokemon that knows Dive and can use it with you. Dive at the end of the pool, and come back up slightly away. You will be in a room with six doors. In each will be a key to the next room. It will shine on the ground, but it may just be a shiny piece of trash. The key is in door two. Go back and talk to the man again. He will say to deliver it to Captain Stern for him, and that he wants to further explore the ship. Fly back to Slateport and go into the ferry ride. Captain Stern is there. Talk to him and he will offer a trade for the Scanner; the Deepseascale, and the Deepseatooth. The Deepseascale raises the Special Defense of a Clamperl, and the Deepseatooth raises its Special Attack.
TM 01: TM01 is found near the west side exit of Meteor Falls. To get it, you need a Pokemon that knows Surf. Use Surf and go to the north side of the exit. Then, pass through the rocks. You will see some stairs and a shore. Go there and fight the two trainers. One is Expert Timothy, and the other is Black Belt Nob. You can also find some Rare Berries and Calcium if you have a Mach Bike.
TM 02: In order to do this, you must Have waterfall, Surf Pokemon at least level 35. Aqua/Maga will steal the meteorite. However, there is more for the Meteor Falls. Go deep into the cave. Use Waterfall on the fall. Go through the cave and find TM 02.
TM 43: Go through the tunnel by the cable cars that lead to Mt. Chimney. Then, go right until you can go up. You will find a person looking at a sort of "pine tree". Talk to him to receive TM43 or Secret Power. You can now make Secret Bases.
Finding items: Look for the light brown smooth rocks that scattered throughout the game. Look under them. You might find items including a Heart Scale and Rare Candies.
Recommended training locations: Two places that are good to train at are the Sky Pillar near Pacifilog Town and near Ever Grande city cave. You can fight Wally after you defeat the Elite Four. Wally uses an Altaria, Delcatty, Magneton, Roselia, and his starting Pokemon, Gardevoir.
Breeding: When you are about to get a rare Pokemon, save the game before you do so, Keep restarting until you get a female form of it. This will allow you to breed it.
Breed starters: If you get a female starter of any kind, you can breed it to get another. You can breed Treeko (or its evolved form) with Tropius; Torchic with Ryhorn; and Mudkip with Wingull. This only works with females. If you use a male you will just get whatever you bred it with.
Faster egg hatching: Once the Day Care man gives you an egg, put it in the first position of your Pokemon. Take out the Mach Bike and go back and forth from Route 117, Mauville City, and Route 118 until it hatches.
Growing a berry: Go to a patch of soft soil and plant any berry (one that grows fast without Wailmer Pail recommended). Wait for awhile and the berry/berry tree will look like it is blinking. If this happens, the plant will grow taller.
Hidden Power: Although Hidden power seems weak and useless, it is actually a very good move to have. If your Pokemon is in a situation where the advantage is not on its side (for example, Electric vs. Ground), then Hidden Power can be used against the opponent to inflict effective damage, regardless of your Pokemon's type.
Bike wheelie: Press B on a bike to pop a wheelie. Without a bike you will run. Note: You cannot do a wheelie on the Mach Bike. Also, if you keep a wheelie going through grass, you will lessen the chance to be challenged by a wild Pokemon.
Bike bunny hops: Get the Acro Bike and hold B without moving the D-pad to bunny hop.
Mach Bikes: Mach bikes have one large advantage over the Acro bikes. Mach bikes can run through mud slides, if you have enough speed.
Mach Bike/Acro Bike abilities: Once you reach Mauville City, there is a building called Rydel's Cycles. Go inside and talk to Rydel. Once he learns that you have walked from Littleroot Town to Mauville City, he will give you a bike to ride. There are two bikes that you can have -- the Mach Bike and the Acro Bike. The Mach Bike can go fast, but has very bad handling. It is used for riding up sandy slopes and for speeding past crumbling floors in some caves. The Acro Bike is the one you can do tricks on. It does not go as fast as the Mach Bike, but has very good handling. You can hold B while riding to do wheelies, or stop and hold B to do little bunny hops. You can also tap B + D-pad in any direction to take little jumps. This bike is used for getting across narrow, white rails that span some rivers.
Watch television: After you become league champion. watch television for rare Pokemon sightings and special deals at shops in Slateport.
Increasing happiness: Buy 30 each of Carbos, Protein, Iron, and Calcium. Give as many of the Carbos, Protein, Iron, and Calcium to your Pokemon as possible. Then, take your Pokemon to the groomers and have it groomed twice. Then, take it to the Happiness rater to see how much it likes you. After that, raise it up a level and it should evolve. This is best used with Togepi to Togetic, Eevee to Espeon, Eevee to Umbreon, and Chansey to Blissey.
Powerful moves: Trecho, Tochic, and Mudkip can only learn Gigadrain (Trecho), Flamethrower (Tochic), and Hydropump (Mudkip) in their original stage around level 40.
Winning in the Pokemon League: When going to the Pokemon League, use only Blaziken with Slash, Blaze Kick, Sky Upper Cut, and Double Kick; and a Kyogre with Sheer Cold, Surf, Water Fall, and Hydro Pump. With the first opponent, use blazikBen and its Blaze Kick. On the second opponent, use Kyogre with all Hydro Pumps and one Water Fall (in that order). On the next opponent, use Blaziken with Sky Upper Cut. On the next opponent, use Kyogre and its Water Fall (all or any number, but save Surf). On the next opponent (the champion), use Kyogre and its Surf. Once you defeat it, train your Pokemon with Experience Share. Use Amulet Coin to gain more money.
Recommended team: Develop the following Pokemon and moves in Pokemon Ruby. Note: For Pokemon Sapphire, use the same team except replace Groundon with Kyogre: Double Edge, Thunder, Water Spout, Hydro Pump.
Swampert: Blizzard, Earthquake, Hydro Pump, Surf
Blaziken: Overheat, Fire Blast, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut
Sceptile: Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Slam, Leaf Blade
Groundon: Eruption, Solarbeam, Thunder, Earthquake
Salamence:Fly, Dragon Claw, Double Edge, Fire Blast
Metagross:Meter Mash, Hyper Beam, Psychic
To get a good grass lineup, get a Treecko, Shroomish, Lotad (Pokemon Sapphire only), Seedot (Pokemon Ruby only), Oddish, and a Bulbasaur (trade from Pokemon Red). Evolve all of the Pokemon. Let the Shroomish evolve into Breloom and raise it up. It eventually learns some good moves. A good move setup would be as follows.
Breloom: Mach Punch (for defeating Steel, Normal, Dark, Rock); Razor Leaf, Mega Drain, or another good grass move; Flash, Sand Attack, Screech or another good stat change/spore/powder move; Headbutt, Body Slam or another normal attack move.
Lombre: Nature Power; Thief or Crunch; a strong Grass move; a strong Water move.
Grovyle: Rock Tomb; Pursuit, Thief, or Crunch; Body Slam, Quick Attack, etc.; a powerful Grass attack.
Rotating people are attracted to you: Note: You must have the Running Shoes. Walk, run, or ride on your bike up to a person that rotates (looks north, east, south, and west repeatedly). Now run (hold B) around the rotating person and he or she will watch you in every direction, as long as you are near.
Poke-Navi: This is a useful item with multiple functions.
Map: This will display a map of Houen. You can move the pointer with the D-pad and can also press A to zoom in.
Poke-Info: This will display information about your Pokemon stats. These may show how much of a chance your Pokemon has of winning a Pokemon Contest. These can be raised with Poroks (the berries).
Trainer-Dex: This will show information on all of the trainers you have fought.
Hall Of Fame: After defeating the Elite 4, you can see your Pokemon that defeated them in the Hall of Fame.
When the Poke-Navi is blinking, it indicates that a trainer wants a re-match with you. Find and battle them to get more money.
In-game reset: Hold Select + Start + A + B during game play.

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