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Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Ruby and Pocket Monsters Sapphire (Japan)

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- Defeating Hints and Tips -

Defeating your Rival:
When facing your rival at the start that has Treecko, use a level 6 Wurmple; Mudkip use a level 7 Silccoon or Cascoon; Torchic use a level 5 to 6 Wingull. Wingull can be found in Route 103. Wurmple can be found in Route103. To get Cascoon or Silccoon, evolve Wurmple at level 7.
Defeating the first Aqua trainer: Start with Mudkip and raise it to level 10. Its moves will be Tackle, Growl, Mud Slap, and Water Gun. The Aqua trainer has a Poochyena at level 9. Use Water Gun and it will faint. You will also get a lot of experience points.
Defeating the Elite Four: Get Kyogre to level 50 with Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, and Rest for moves. Have at least one other Pokemon in your party (preferably Sceptile), and ten Revives and some Full Restores.
Defeating the Elite Four (2): The first Elite will use Ghost type Pokemon. It is best to use Dark type Pokemon to defeat him. The next Elite will use Dark-type Pokemon. It is best to use Ghost type Pokemon to defeat him. The next elite will be using an Ice type. It is best to use Fire types to defeat her. The last elite will be using Dragon types. it is best to use Ice types to defeat him. Then, it goes on to the champion Steven. He uses all the types that the Elite Four uses. It is best to use Dark, Ghost, Fire, and Ice types to defeat Champion Steven.
Defeating Wattson: Wattson is the third gym leader. Start with Torchic, Shroomish, Zigzagoon, Poochenna, Silcoon/Cascoon, and Wingull. Train them evenly. Evolve Shroomish at level 23, then at level 25 it should have learned Mach Punch. When you reach Wattson, put Combusken first then talk to him. You can either use Ember or Double Kick, but when he faints use Bellom, Shroomish's evolved stage, and keep using Mach Punch.
Defeating Wattson (2): When you get your first Pokeballs, catch a Nincada. Train the Nincada to level 25, but do not let it evolve. Recommended moves are Sand Attack, Leech Life, Fury Swipes, and any other move. When you face Wattson, his electric moves will not effect you.

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