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Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Ruby and Pocket Monsters Sapphire (Japan)

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- City Related Hints and Tips -

Clear Out Sale: After you become the champion of The Elite Four, go to Lilycove City. Enter the huge market on the roof. On certain days, there will be a Clear Out Sale with good items for a Secret Hideout.
Fans: Defeat the Elite Four, then go to the fan club house in Lilycove City. Three people will congratulate you and become your biggest fans.
Game Freak: After defeating the Elite Four, go to Lilycove City. Go into the inn and talk to the man there. He talks about some people who call themselves Game Freak. If you go upstairs you will find them, just like in Celedon City in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Also, go in front of the inn keeper watching television. He will get mad and yell, "Hey you, down in front! Move I can't see the television!".
Items: Once you go to Team Aqua's or Magma's hideout in Lilycove City, do not leave until you have collected the Master Ball, Electrode, and Nugget.


Decoration Trader:
Go to the Mauville City Pokemon Center to trade decorations. Trade it with a crazy-haired man on the left of the Pokemon Center (first floor) near the bookshelf. You must have all eight Badges for him to appear. He has a Duskull Doll, Ball Cusion, a tire, and Pretty Flowers. Select anything desired and trade him something that you do not want.

Mystery event:
Go to the Pokemon Center in Petalburg City. Talk to the man next to the computer. Tell him "MYSTERY EVENT IS EXCITING". the man will mention that you entered the secret message. Turn off the Game Boy Advance. Insert an e-Reader in one Game Boy Advance, Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire in a second Game Boy Advance, and link them together. Swipe the card in the e-Reader and press A on Game Boy Advance with Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. Save the game. Go to the old man's house in Mossdeep City, and Nils or Astrid should be there. Challenge them to a fight.


Energy Guru:
After defeating the Elite Four, watch the TVs. Every once in a while, it will say that the Energy Guru is having a sale. Fly to Slateport City and go to the market area. He is the man in the middle stall on the left side. You can buy Items that raise Pokemon's stats (Protien, Carbos, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, and HP Up) for half the price. Be careful, though. Each Pokemon can only use one type up to six times; you can only use six of each type (six Protiens, six Carbos, etc.). Also, HP Ups may not work on all Pokemon (such as Shedinjas).
Trick Master's house: You can find Trick Master's house above Slateport City. Sometimes you have to get a HM move to complete the level. There are tasks to complete and trainers to battle. You have to find a scroll and memorize it, then go to the door in the back. You will see Trick Master. Talk to him and he will give you a prize. If you want to see him again, you will have to wait for him.
Note: you need the Cut HM for this side quest. When you reach a house that has a sign that reads "Move three steps to the left and two steps up", you will know that you have reached the Trick Master's house. When you walk in two steps left, a message reading "You are being watched" will appear. Examine the top right corner of the table from the top and you will find him. Follow his instructions and examine the scroll. Go in and look for another scroll. It will say that you found the password. Go all the way up to the top right by cutting trees and defeating trainers. You will reach a room where the Trick Master is located. He will reward you with a Rare Candy and leave through the long hallway. You will appear back in the house. Return here later for another one of his so called tricks.
The second time you visit him, he will be hiding in the cabinet near the scroll. Examine the cabinet and he will let you in the maze. This maze is full of trap doors that you cannot fall through. This is probably one of his easiest mazes, but you will have to fight a lot of
The third time you visit the Trick Master, you will need the Rock Smash HM. When you go in, he will be hiding in the plant to your right. Examine it, and he will give you another maze. You have to step on switches to go through the maze. Smash the rocks that might be on the switches.
The fourth time you visit him, you will need the Strength HM. Examine the top window and you will find him. Go in the maze and push some boulders around. Get the scroll and he will reward you with a special Pokeball.
The fifth time you visit the Trick Master, he will be hiding in the plant to your left. Examine it and he will appear. This maze requires no skills or HMs, but you have to answer five questions. If you answer the questions incorrectly, you will have to begin again.
The sixth time you visit him, he will be hiding in the top right cabinet. Examine the top-most right space to find him. This maze is like the gym with the flying Pokemon. It has revolving doors everywhere. You can find a Glitter Mail inside, and once you get through he will give you a Magnet.
The seventh time you visit him, he will be hiding in the right window. Examine it to find him. This is like the seventh gym you faced. You have to go through arrows that push you around. Remember that the levers can go back and forth. You can get the Tropical Mail inside the maze. Once you are done, he will reward you with a PP Max.
After you defeat the Elite Four, return to the Trick Mater's house for his last trick. When you enter the house, the are four chairs (pads). Examine the one at the bottom left to find him. Go in and you will realize that this maze is like the Ice Cave in Pokemon Red/Blue. Slide through, and you will eventually finish it. The Bead Mail is your goal for the first part of the maze (bottom). Once you get the Bead Mail, go for the scroll by sliding through the top maze. Once you get to the end, keep talking to the Trick Master until he gives you a Red Tent. This is the last maze that he will give you.
When you finish the Trick Master's last trick, wait there until after he leaves. Check the three or four pads to find a Nugget.

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