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Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
Also known as: Pocket Monsters Ruby and Pocket Monsters Sapphire (Japan)

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- Pokemon: Info and Locations -
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Other than by evolution, it can be found in Slateport, Pacifidlog, Evergrande, Mossdeep, Lilycove, Dewford, Routes 103,105 through 109, 110, 115, 118, 119, 121 through 123, and 124 through 134.
Pikachu: Found in the Safari Zone.
Pinsir: Found in the Safari Zone.
Plusle: Found in the Route 110.

To catch Ralts, a Psychic type Pokemon, early in the game, go into the grass directly outside of Petelsburg. You must have a positive disposition to encounter this Pokemon, which means your Pokemon must be attracted to you. This early in the game, it is almost impossible for them to really like you. It is weak at first, but a powerful Psychic type Pokemon can be very useful later in the game.
Rayquaza: Go to Pacifldog Town. Then, surf to the east to Route 131 until you pass the boy and girl facing each other, that are separate. You will see an opening between some rocks. Go there and surf west. Keep going and you will see a cave opening. Go through it and enter the building. Go to the top of the building to find Rayquaza. Note: On the second and fourth floors, to pass the cracks you will need get the Mach bike to go at full speed.
Rayquaza (2): Defeat the champion, then go to Pacificlog Town with a Mach Bike and a Pokemon that knows Surf. Surf east until you see an opening between two rocks. Enter it, then move one space up from the rocks and turn left then up until you see a cave. Go in it. There are six floors. On the first floor, go around and enter the cave. On the second floor, use a Mach Bike to get around. On the third floor, walk around again. On the fourth floor, use your Mach Bike without stopping until you get to four last cracks. Try falling in the middle two cracks. On the fifth floor, go around again and into another. On the sixth floor, save and go up the stairs. You will see Rayquaza at level 70. Note: To capture him easier, use 60 Great Balls or 45 Ultra Balls.
Regis: Use the following steps to capture the three mysterious Pokemon called the Regis. Go to the southeast part of Route 134 and dive into the water. It is difficult to get to due to the currents, and it is the only deep part of that route. You will find a cave. At a part of the cave, there are some Braille writing on the wall. At that point, float to the top of the water, where you will end up in a cavern. Go into the last room by going forward, use Dig, and in the next room you must do something strange. Put a Relicanth in the front of your party, and a Wailord at the last place. Walk to the top of the room and read the Brail . You will trigger an earthquake, which will unlock the Regis. You can fish up a Wailmer to evolve at level 40 at Route 122, and find a Relicanth outside Sootopolis in the underwater grass (rarely, but it is there).
Registeel: To find Registeel, you can access a volcano in the southwest region of Route 120. Enter it, then move towards the center of the room. Use Fly to find Registeel. Note: The Braille writing for catching Registeel is: "With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle".
Regirock: To find Regirock, fly to lavaridge, bop down the mountain, and enter the desert. In the southern part of the desert, you will find a cavern. Enter it, then walk up to the center tile at the top of the room. Go two steps down and two steps right. Use strength to open the passage to Regirock.
To find Regirock, go to the desert ruins after discovering the secret in the underground chamber. Move right, right, down, down, then have any Pokemon use Strength. The door will open where you read the script. Go into the door and Regirock will be there.
Note: The Braille writing for catching Regirock is: "Right, right, down, down. Then, use strength".
Regice: To find Regice, in Route 105, there is an island on the west side that has a mountain on it. Go there, enter, and stand in front of the tile. Press A, read it, press A again, and do not do anything else. The door will open after twenty seconds, and the last Regi is yours. Note: The Braille writing for catching Regice is : "Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice". You never have to use the Master Ball to catch all the legendary Pokemon. You can catch them all with about 60 Great Balls. However, you might need to use a Master Ball against the last one in the tower
Regis (2): To catch all the Regis easily, have a Blaziken that know Blaze Kick, Double Kick, Slash, and Mirror Move. Use Double Kick two times, then use Slash to get their HP to 1.
Regis (3): Then when Blaziken faints, use a Relicanth that knows Yawn. Use yawn first. Then when the regi is asleep, use a timer ball. This will catch regi, if not straight away, soon after.
Regis (4): To catch all the Regis easily, capture a Tailow or Swellow. Once it reaches level 28, have it learn Endeavor. Then, Fly or Surf to any lake or ocean with Tentacool in it and let them poison your bird. Once poisoned, leave the battle and fly to a city where you will not get into any battles. Once there, walk around until your poisoned Pokemon reaches 1 HP. Then, use an Antidote/Full Heal on it to cure the poisoned status. Put the legendary Pokemon to sleep, switch out for your bird, use Endeavor. The enemy now has just 1 HP, and will be very easy to catch.
Relicanth: Found on the ocean floor of Routes 124 through 126.
Relicanth (2): Relicanth can be found in the ocean grass directly in front of Sootopolis.
Relicanth (3): To find Relicanth, dive down to the Seafloor Cavern. Note: It is rarely here.


Once you are able to track down Sharpedo in your Pokedex, do whatever is necessary to capture it. It is an excellent Water/Dark Pokemon that already knows Crunch, Dark's most powerful attack. His speed is incredible and will be of great use later in the game.
Sharpedo (2): After you get the Super Rod, fly to Mauville City. From the Pokecenter, go to the left. You will see a guitarist, a fisherman, and two ladies. Go directly next to the rock that is near the fisherman and use your Super Rod. You will definitely get a Sharpedo. If this does not work, use your rod in the dark patches of water.
Shedinja: This Pokemon is very easy to obtain, but is quite good. It is the only Bug and Ghost type Pokemon. It has 1 HP no matter how high its level, but its special power Wonder Guard makes it almost invincible. Wonder Guard protects against all attacks except for those that are super effective. For example, Bug is weak against Flying types; if someone uses a Flying type move on Shedinja, it is going to get hit. To get Shedinja, you will need a Nincada. You can catch one on Route 116. Make sure you have a free slot for a new Pokemon (Shedinja). That means you can have only five Pokemon, including Nincada. Make sure you have at least one of the type of Pokeball you used to catch Nincada with. For example, if you caught Nincada with a Great Ball, make sure you have at least one Great Ball. Get it to evolve at level 20 into a Ninjask and learns three new moves. Once you are back out to the normal screen, go to your Pokemon. You will see that you just got another Pokemon, Shedinja.
Skarmory: Found on Route 113.
Skitty: Other than trading for Pikachu, it can be found on Route 116.
Slakoth: Found in Petalburg Woods.
Surskit: Found on Routes 102, 111, 114, 117, and 120.
Swablu , shiny: A shiny Swablu can be found just outside of Meteor Falls, where Zangoose is caught. You will find a lot of Swablus. Keep searching and you can find a yellow/gold one.
Swampert: To make it easier for Swampert to help defeat the Elite Four, teach it Tackle, Surf, Ice Beam, and Earthquake.


Tentacool can only be caught with an Old Rod.
Torchic: Torchic is a Fire type Pokemon and you get it as a starter. Torchic evolves at level 16 and turns in to Combusken, a Fire/Fighting type. After that, it evolves at level 36 into Blaziken, a Fire/Fighting type.
Torchic (2): To use Torchic and not get defeated by the first Gym Leader, train it until it evolves to its second stage. It will learn Double Kick. Use it against the first Gym Leader. It is very effective against Rock types.
Treecko: Treecko is a Grass type Pokemon. You can get it as a starter. Treecko evolves at level 16 and turns in to Grovyle, a Grass type. After that, it evolves again at level 36 to Sceptile, a Grass type.
Treecko (2): Treecko knows Pound and Leer at level 5, then learns Absorb at level 6.
Tropius: Found on Route 119.


Volbeat: Found on Route 117.


Go to the house near the water in Mossdeep. There should be a man standing next to it. Get the Super Rod from the man inside the house. Go down the steps of Mossdeep to the shallow water, where you can walk. Stand at the edge and use the rod. Wailmer will almost automatically start biting.
Wailord: Other than by evolution, it can be found on Route 129


Other than by evolution, it can be found on Safari Zone.

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