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Pokemon Fire Red
Also known as: Pokemon FireRed Version
Also known as: Pokémon Fire Red
Alt. names: Pokémon FireRed, Pokemon FireRed Vers.

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Celedon City: Easy slot machine wins:
Use the slot machine at Celdadon City that is at the top in the row you face when you enter. It seems to be easier to get triple sevens if you can time it correctly.
Random dots in Mount Ember: Once you have defeated the two Rocket Grunts near the base of Mount Ember, the will leave and you will be able to enter the cave. The way through is straightforward, with a few stone puzzles. You will reach a fairly large chamber with many large flat stones with strange dots on them. The dots on the large stones are letters, and the ones on the small stones are punctuation marks. The letters can be read from left to right like a book. Make sure you do not include the small stones in your alphabet or it will be incorrect. The information that can be gotten from these letters is basically pointless, and it takes awhile to write out a key.
Get to One Island: To Get to One Island, defeat the Cinnabar Island Gym Leader, Blaine. When you come out, Bill will take you to One Island and give you the Tri-Pass. This will allow you to return at any time by taking the Pass to the boat dock in Vermilion City.
Get to Saffron City: Unlike in Pokemon Red and Blue, to get into Saffron City, you do not give the guard a Fresh Water. You must go to Celadon City then enter the Game Freak building. Inside is an old woman with Pokemon around her It is the building above the Game Corner. Once there, talk to the old lady. She gives you some 'tea', which you can then give to the guard. All the guards will now let you go into Saffron City. Remember to get the powerful TM 29 Psychic in Mr. Psychic's house (in the bottom far left house of the city). Also, your Pokemon should at least level 38 or higher when attempting to battle Sabrina.
Get to Saffron City earlier: This trick requires two Game Boy Advances, a link cable, a Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire game with a 'Fresh Water' in the pack, and a Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green game that is completed and able to trade with Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. Also, you will need another Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green cartridge. Give a Pokemon a Fresh Water. Trade the Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire to the completed Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green game. Take the Fresh Water and attach it to a Pokemon not from Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire. Trade it to the other Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green game. Give the Fresh Water to the guard. You can now access Saffron City easier. You can also do the same thing without the Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire cartrigde. Also, it works better when you have the completed cartridge and your friend has the unfinished game.
Easy Saffron gym path: Instead of trying to figure out which path to take, or if you do not want to battle any of the trainers, just go to the opposite teleporter up or down. If you touch one and are at the bottom left, go to the top left. If you touch one and are on the top right, go to the bottom right. This may take some time, but it will work.
Cerulean cave: First, defeat Team Rocket at Kanto, then win the Pokemon League two times. Then defeat Team Rocket Island 5. Note: You will need Surf and Rock Smash.
Get to Sabrina without battling any trainers: This is a long process, but it is the easiest way. Go into the first square, then go up, down, down, up, down, up, up, down, down, up, up, up, down, then down and you will be there.
Unlimited Safari Zone time: Enter the Safari Zone, then walk into an area and stop in the grass Then, tap the D-pad, but do not move You will find the Pokemon in that area without wasting steps.
Catching Safari Zone Pokemon: When you encounter a Safari Zone Pokemon, throw a rock at it. If it does not flee, use a safari ball. You should be able to catch it about 85% of the time.
Safari Zone: Pokemon and items: The Safari Zone is located to the north of Fuchsia City. The following are items you can find: Leaf Stone, TM 11 (Sunny Day), Max Potion, Full Restorex2, Quick Claw, Max Potion, TM 47 (Steel Wing), Protein, Gold Teeth (must collect), TM 32 (Double Team), HM 03 (Surf, must collect). The following are rare wild Pokemon you can encounter: Chansey, Kangaskhan, Nidorino, Nidorina, Parasect, Scyther, Rhyhorn, Tauros, Venomoth. The following are the rare wild Pokemon you can catch using a Super Rod: Seaking, Dratini, Dragonair.
Vermilion City: Items: When you arrive in Vermilion City, use the Item Finder while by the Pokemon Center. There is an item in the very corner of the beach directly below the Poke Center.

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