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Pokemon Fire Red
Also known as: Pokemon FireRed Version
Also known as: Pokémon Fire Red
Alt. names: Pokémon FireRed, Pokemon FireRed Vers.

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Easy money method 1:
To get easy money, use a Meowth with the Pay Day attack in wild or trainer battles.
Easy money method 2: To do this, you must defeat the Elite Four, have the Amulet Coin, the Vrs Seeker, and the Rainbow Pass. First, go to Island 5. Go up along the coast. Surf north until you meet a trainer on a tiny island. Ignore him or her. Then, go east a short distance and you will find a bigger island with a house. There is a Lady named Jacki near the island you saw a moment ago. She has a level 48 Hopip and a level 50 Skiploom. They are Grass/Flying type. Give the Amulet Coin to a Pokemon that is good against them. Put it up front. Battle her and you will get 20,000 in money. Use the Vrs Seeker to battle her again with the same Pokemon and get 20,000 in money again. Run around the island until your Vrs Seeker is recharged. Battle her as much as desired.
Easy money method 3: To get quick money, get a Zigzagoon. Battle with it. After every battle, look to see if it has a Nugget. When you get one, sell it for lots of money. Note: It will also get lots of other items.
Easy money method 4: Use the following trick to get P 10,000 or P 20,000 easily. Go to Five Island. Make sure you have Amulet Coin on your first Pokemon. Swim north of Five Island to Resort Gorgeous to the island with Selphy's house. The lady on far left of the house is Lady Jacki. She has a Level 48 Hoppip and a level 50 Skiploom. If you defeat her you will earn P 10,000 (P 20,000 AC). If you have the VS Seeker, you can keep battling her for more money. If you need the Amulet Coin, go to the building west of Celadon (the one that leads to Route 17) and go upstairs. One of Professor Oak's aides will ask you if you have caught 40 Pokemon. If you have, you will get the Amulet Coin. The VS Seeker is with the lady near Nurse Joy inside the Vermilion Pokecenter.
Easy money method 5: Have at least two Pokemon and access to Five Island, a level 45 to 50 Persian that knows Pay Day and is holding Amulet Coin, and another Pokemon that is not holding anything but knows Thief. Go to Resort Gorgeous and find the two rich ladies. Fight them using the Vs Seeker. Lady Jacki uses a level 48 Hoppip. Use your Persian and Pay Day against it. The second uses a level 50 Skiploom. Switch to your thieving Pokemon and use Thief to get his Stardust. You will get 2,000 in money (not counting Pay Day), and take the Stardust away from your thief. Lady Gillian uses a level 49 Mareep. Use your Persian against it and Pay Day until it faints. The second is a level 48 Mareep. Use the same attack as the first, Pay Day. The third is a level 49 Flaffy. Switch to your thief and steal his Nugget. Then, finish him off. Repeat this as many times as desired.

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