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Pokemon Fire Red
Also known as: Pokemon FireRed Version
Also known as: Pokémon Fire Red
Alt. names: Pokémon FireRed, Pokemon FireRed Vers.

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After you have already conquered the Elite Four, use a strong Fire and Flying type and you will win. One strong attack from a Charizard, such as Fire Blast will be able to obliterate both Steelix with one hit. Hitmonlee can be defeated from one Fly (HM Tech) attack. Hitmonchan can be defeated with a Fly attack, followed by a quick Wing Attack.
Giovanni: An easy way to defeat Giovanni in all battles is to use a Water Pokemon with Surf on all his Pokemon.
Elite Four: After you defeat the Elite Four and you give Celio the Ruby and Sapphire Plate (on the seven islands), you can re-challenge the Elite Four. Their Pokemon are now changed and become much more stronger than the first time you challenged them. Here are the combinations: Lorelei: Dewgong level 64, Cloyster level 63, Piloswine level 64 (replaced Slowbro), Jynx, and Lapras level 66. Bruno: Steelix level 63, Steelix level 66, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee level 65, Machamp level 68 (his 2 Onix have evolved). Agatha: Gengar level 66, Crobat level 66, Arbok level 68, Misdreavus level 65 (replaced Haunter), Gengar level 70 (her Golbat has evolved). Lance: Gyarados level 68, Kingdra level 66, Aerodactyl level 70, Dragonite level 66, Dragonite level 72 (one of his Dragonair evolved, and the other was replaced by Kingdra). Rival: Heracross level 71, Alakazam level 69, Tyranitar level 72, and depending on who you chose at the start; If you have Bulbasaur: Gyarados level 71, Exeggutor level 73, Charizard level 75. If you have Squirtle: Gyarados level 73, Arcanine level 71, Venusaur level 75. If you have Charmander:Exeggutor level 73, Arcanine level 71, Blastoise level 75. 
Elite Four (2): For Lorelei, you need a level 60 or higher Electric type with like Thunder or Thunderbolt. Watch out; her Piloswine is also a Ground type and is immune to Electricity. Use Water type or Fighting. Bruno is very easy to defeat if you have a very good Water type for the Steelixes and a level 53 or higher Alakazam or Kadabra; or a very strong Psychic type. Agatha is tough because of her speedy Pokemon. If you have an Alakazam and it is at least level 58 or higher, then you will have no problems. If not, try using a strong Steel type. Lance is annoying because he now has a Kingdra, which is not really affected by Ice types because of its Water type. Use a tough Electric type. The rest are easily dispatched by an Ice Beam or Blizzard. Your Rival is difficult. His Heracross has good speed, but flying attacks kill it because of his double weakness. His Alakazam can be defeated by a good Hyper Beam or even Strength because it lacks defense (not special defense). His Exeggutor or Gyarados are poor, but his Arcanine is strong -- do not underestimate him. The real problems are his Tyrannitar and the starter. Tyrannitar is good in every stat, and he is a Dark type which makes him unaffected by Psychic types. He is also a Rock type, so use Razor Leaf or Surf. The starter is tough, and is not easily dispatched.
Elite Four (3): Go to the Safari Zone, and stop in a grassy area. Keep pressing the D-Pad gently to rotate on the spot. This should not waste your steps. Keep doing this until you meet a Ryhorn. Throw a rock at it. If you are lucky, the Ryhorn will not flee. Then, use a Safari Ball. To catch it, press A(5) each time the Safari Ball shakes. If done correctly, you will catch it. Raise it to over level 65. It should now have learned a one-hit KO (kill), 'Horn Attack' or something similar. Use it on the Elite Four to win. Also, pack some Max Revives in your bag. Also, have more Pokemon (one Water, one Rock or Steel, one Electric, one Fire, and one Flying) Recommended choices are Gryados level 50+, Steelix level 55+, Raichu level 45+, Charizard level 65+, and Pigiot level 53+. If you use your moves correctly, you will win easily.
Elite Four (4): Catch Zapdos or level up a Raichu or another Electric Pokemon to leve; 53 or higher. Get an Articuno or a high level Ice Pokemon. Teach it Fly. Make sure every Pokemon you have is at least level 49.after you finish Victory Road. Buy Max Potions, Full Restores, etc., then go through the door. When facing Lorelei, use your Electric type and use your strongest Electric type attacks (Thunder recommended). When facing Bruno, use your Flying type attacks on the Fighting type and Ice, Water, and Grass type on the Rock type. Try to do it in two or less turns on each of his Pokemon. They will probably use a strong attack on you. Also, try to use a weak attack first and a final blow last because they use Full Restores if you get them down to red and try to kill them. When facing Agatha, her first Gengar will try to poison you with Toxic. Try to kill her as fast as possible. For the others, try to use Hypnosis. Use Dark moves on her Psychic and Ghost types. This battle will be difficult. When facing Lance, use your good Electric types on his Gyarados and Dragonairs and the other Dragon/Water type. For Dragonite, use your Ice to hammer it down. His Pokemon mostly use Dragon Rage, Outrage and Hyper Beam. When they use Hyper Beam, they will rest for a turn. For your rival battle, keep healing and rotate Pokemon until you defeat him. Having a Grass, Water, Fire, and Electric type are recommended.
Rivals: Use the following tricks to defeat your rival with relative ease the second time in the Elite Four. Note: This was done with Bulbasaur as a starter; therefore the lineup will change depending on which starter selected. For the Heracross (level72), use either a very strong Fire-type or a Wing Attack or even Fly from any Flying-type above level 55. Otherwise, speed will be an issue. For the Tyranitar (level 72), use a Ground-type like a Rhydon or Dugtrio with Earthquake. Note that Rhydon or Dugtrio will need to have a very high defense or speed to either land the first blow or live to land their attack after they have been hit. Consider having them at somewhere between level 65 and 72. For the Alakazam (level 73), use an attack like Bite, Crunch, Megahorn, Shadow Ball or Shadow Punch. For the Gyarados (level 73), if your team is lacking a strong Electric-type, consider using a Rock-type with attacks such as Ancientpower or Rock Blast. For the starter (level 75; if you have Venusaur), rely heavily on Rock, Water and even Ice-types to get the job done against the Charizard. If you have Blastoise, go with powerful Ground, Psychic, Fire, Ice, and Flying to take care of what is really a simple task. If you have Charizard, go with Electricity, Grass (risky because of the Ice type move that the Blastoise will have) or even Steel-types. The Exeggutor (level 73), is the easiest to deal with. It is low in speed. Using strong Fire, Ice, Dark, Ghost or Bug moves should take care of it in one hit.
Sabrina: Buy a Poke Doll from the department store in Celadon City. Then, go to the top left house in Saffron City and go upstairs. Talk to the girl and she will teach one of your Pokemon Mimic. Go to the gym and begin your battle against Sabrina. Once she uses a Psychic move with one of her Pokemon, Mimic it and you will have it for the rest of the battle.

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