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Pokemon Emerald
Pokémon Emerald

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Attach EXP Share. Put the Pokemon you want to gain experience in front of party, then fight someone. When the battle starts, switch it out for a better Pokemon.
Two: At the start of the game, train your starter in the grasses from Littleroot Town to where you fight your rival for your first time.
Three: Fight the Elite Four three times a day.
Four: Fight all of the trainers that have a Poke thing next to their name.
Five: Fight all of the gym leaders again.
Six: Whenever you put a Pokemon in the Daycare Center, the experience it gets is determined on how many steps you take. In order to get a lot of experience, get on your bike. Go to the bike trail and keep going back and forth. It will add more experience because you will be taking more steps, and that is an easy place to ride. As a result your Pokemon will get a lot of experience, gain levels, and become strong.

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