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Pokemon Emerald
Pokémon Emerald

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Pike Queen:
The Battle Pike is at the Siviper by the Pokemon Center on the left. When you defeat it at open level or level 50, the lady who tells you directions will say that a horrible fate is about to befall you. When you go into a room. she might heal one or two of your Pokemon. You will then battle the Pike Queen. Note: She will have Siviper, Shuckle and Milotic. Try using a Psychic Pokemon such as Alakazam, with Psychic and Thunderpunch.
Pike Queen (2): Get a Houndoom at level 50 give it the moves Flamethrower, Taunt, Double-Edge, and Faint attack. Then, get a Ampharos with Thunderbolt, Strength, Mega Punch, and Dynamic Punch. Get a Quassire with Surf, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and Slam. All the first forms of the three Pokemon are found in the Safari Zone after the Pokemon League. First, use Houndoom's Flamethrower two times on Seviper. Be wary of Seviper's move Swagger. Then, switch Houndoom with Ampharos, because the next pokemon is Milotic (a Water type). Use Thunderbolt until it faints. Her last Pokemon is Shuckle. The Pokemon has no attack moves. It has Rest and Toxic. Bring out Houndoom and first use Taunt and Flamethrower. Use Taunt after Flamethrower, then repeat that in a pattern until it faints. If you use Taunt, Shuckle uses Struggle. You will then probably get the Luck Symbol.
The Elite Four: Take a normal level Pokemon with a one hit K.O. move and a lock on move. Also have a large number of Ethers and Max Potions. Just lock on and attack for and easy K.O.
The Elite Four (2): Use the following Pokemon against the Elite Four: Electric: Raichu. Grass: Ludicolo. Fighting: Hariyama. Ice: Walrein. Water: Sharpedo. Ghost: Banette.

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