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Pokemon Emerald
Pokémon Emerald

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Beldum: Because Wallace is the champion, you must fight Steven. Steven is inside Meteor Falls. When you enter, go up the waterfall and into the door. Next, go down the ladder, then go to the ladder in the south. Then, go inside the nearby door. Steven should be to the right. Note: If you are going to battle him, you can defeat him with Water, Ice (for Cradily), and Fire types for most of his Pokemon. He has Pokemon over level 70. .After you defeat him, go to his house in Mossdeep to get the Beldum.
Castform: Defeat the rival team at the Weather Institute.
Deoxys: Like previous games, Deoxys has its own form in this game. It is the Speed form. It can only be found on Birth Island. The Aurora Ticket is required.
Ditto: You can catch Ditto, but only after you defeat the Elite Four. Go to the Desert Underpass. It is only in the middle.
Groudon: Go back to the weather institute. Talk to the man again. He will tell you where Groudon is found. You might need HM03 Surf. Go to the route where he is and go inside. You will find Groudon in the Terra cave.
Ho-oh and Lugia: Get the Mystic Ticket, then go to Navel Island.
Jirachi: To get Jirachi, you need a Gamecube and the pre-order version of Pokemon Colosseum. Then, trade it to Pokemon Emerald.
Kyogre: Defeat the Elite Four, then go back to the weather institute. This is where you got Castform. Go upstairs to a researcher who studies patters of weather. He will tell you where Kyogre is found. You need HM03 Surf and HM07 Dive. Surf on the route you are supposed to until you find a location to dive. Once you get to Kyogre in the Marine cave, get in front of him. Use Net Balls on him.
Latios or Latias: After defeating the Elite Four, watch the television downstairs in your house. Mix your records with a Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire with the Eon Ticket. Then, go to Southern Island.
Meowith: Go in the building to the left of the Battle Tower. Give the woman a Skitty and she will give you a Meowith with Retro Mail. The higher the level of your Skitty, the better the Meowith, which means you can get Persian faster.
Mew: The only way to get Mew in the game is by getting the Old Sea Chart. This is an item that is only available through a special event outside the game.
Rayquaza: Go to Sky Pillar. When Groudon and Kyogre are fighting, he wakes up and stops the fight. Once you have done that, go back to Sky Pillar to find Rayquaza. You can get to Sky Pillar by going to Pacifidlog Town. Go right until you see a crack in the sea. Go into it. Note: Use a Master Ball on it.
Regice: The cave of Regice is northwest of Dewford island. There is Braille in the back of the cave of Regice. The statement reads "Stay close to the wall. Run around the lap." You must run around the room once while staying close to the wall. Once you reach the middle of the Braille again, the door will open and the battle with the icy titan will begin when you go through the door and press A next to it.
Regirock: To find the cave of the rock titan Regirock, you must have the Go-Goggles so that you may enter the desert. Once in the desert, go south to the bottom and enter the cave. In the back you will see the Braille in the back. Go to the back of the room and read it. The message translated reads "Left, Left, Down, Down. Then use Rock Smash." From the middle of the Braille on the wall move left, left, down, and down. Go with a Pokemon that knows Rock Smash and use it. The cave door will open. Save the game, then start the battle with Regirock. Note: Bring a lot of Ultra Balls.
Registeel: To find the cave of Registeel, go to Lilycove City. Go west through the grass and trainers. When you reach the area of the Safari Zone, keep moving. You will reach a place with a girl. Just above her are stairs. You must go up. Go through the very tall grass and go up the stairs behind it. The cave will not be too far after the stairs. Once inside, read the Braille at the back of the room. It reads "Those who inherit our will, shine in the middle." The riddle means that you should go to the middle of the room and use Flash. The cave door will open. Be careful with Registeel. This Pokemon is more difficult than the others to capture. Try bringing a lot of Ultra Balls or prolong the battle as long as you can by freezing it or putting it to sleep. After many turns the Timer Ball will have gained a lot of strength, and it might work against the Registeel.
Smargle: Once you have defeated the Elite Four with all Pokemon with your ID code, you can go to the Battle Frontier. Once here, go to the southeastern-most side of the area. There should be a tree that looks odd. Use the Wailmer Pail to water it. Soodoo Woodoo should attack. Catch it, run, or kill it. Then, use Surf on the water where Soodoo Woodoo was located. Go down the waterfall and go to the left. There should be a cave. In the cave is a Smargle. It knows one attack, Sketch. Sketch allows it to copy the last move that someone uses against it. Once you have obtained one move for Smargle, go to the move tutor and teach him Sketch again. Then, go to a double battle and use Smargle and the Pokemon that has the move you want him to learn. He can learn anything mine knows Strength, Hyper Beam, Outrage, and Thunder. repeat the step with the move tutor and he can learn any move.
Sudowoodo: Defeat the Elite Four, then go into your house. Talk to your dad and he will give you the S.S Ticket. Go to the boat in Saltport City and select the battle port choice. Next, go to the waterfall. There is a tree. Use Water Pail on it. Note: To get Water Pail, go to Rushmore City, go straight down, and there is a little berry store. Go in it and talk to one of the people. They will give you Water Pail.

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