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Secret Ending: Beat the game at 100% in under 2 hours to get the secret ending.
After Game Goodies: After you complete the game, go back to your game file (without turning the game off) and when a menu pops up, select 'Start Over'. At the opening movie, press start. You will notice a timer in the bottom of the screen displaying elapsed time of the game and counters of Missile Tank Upgrades, Energy Tank Upgrades and Power Bomb Upgrades. Also in that sector you are in, on the map in the start menu, it will show you if you have collected all the items in that sector.
Samus without her suit: Successfully complete the game with a time under six and half hours and all items (100%) to see Samus Aran without the suit, wearing something similar to a bathing suit. Alternately, complete the game in under two hours with at least 50% of the items collected.
Samus without her helmet: Successfully complete the game with a time between two and three hours and at least 60% of the items collected.

Speed boost warp:
Once you have defeated Serris, find a place to run. Keeping going until you get your speed boost, then press Down, A and choose the direction you wish to move. Samus will warp at very high speed, destroying anything in her path until she strikes a solid object that is not made of speed booster blocks.
Super warp jump: This is slightly difficult to perform and may require a few attempts. Find a place to run until your Super Run kicks in. This is obtained after you defeat Serris. Then, quickly press Down. Samus will kneel down and glow. Then, jump. Samus will fly upward until she hits a solid object not made of speed blocks.
Increase health:
When you have to do the last objective with the wind machines, gather X Parities to get a lot of life.
Skipping levels: After you go through the restricted section, go to the navigation room just beside the elevator. When you talk to it, it will instruct you to go to another place. If you want to skip a couple levels, talk to it again. It will instruct you to go to the Operation room to set a collision course with a planet. You will now be able to go there.

Submitted by: B. Taylor and Aziz K

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