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Medabots AX
Also known as: Medabots AX: Rokusho Blue
Also known as: Medabots AX: Metabee Red

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Easy wins:
During a Robattle, jump to a top corner and hold Down to charge your special. When full, press Select close to your opponent to do serious damage. Repeat if necessary. (2) You must have the Devil Medal, Peck Strike, Dopa Punch, or Doppin Punch. Use any one of those attacks and it will take out one entire body part.
Easy Meda parts: After you defeat a stage (Lake, Arctic, etc.), play the stage again. If you win, you will get a Meda part. If you lose, you will lose a Meda part. If that happens, turn off the game and turn it back on again to avoid the loss.
Easy trades: If you have both versions of Medabots AX, get another Game Boy Advance to trade. You are basically trading to yourself.
Avoid giving up Medaparts: Whenever you lose a battle and you have to give up one of your Medaparts, hold A + B + Start + Select to reset the game, thus not registering your Medapart loss. When you are battling and you lose a part, if you lose just turn off your game and restart.
Flying: In either version of the game, have your character use either the Red Tail or the Wanafly Legs. Jump in the air in any stage and tap Up, Up to fly across the level in a straight line. Press Down, Down go in a slight downward direction.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, CofTC78 and T. Martyn

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