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Mario Kart Super Circuit
Also know as: Mario Kart Advance

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Hold L + R + B + Start and power on the system to delete the current saved data.

Smoking tires:
Immediately before the race starts, when the little turtle cloud appears, hold Gas. When the race starts, you will peel out or smoke your tires then take off.
Spin donuts: Press A + B then turn left or right.
Hint: Jump: Press R while driving to make your car jump.
Hint: Shoot: Press L to shoot.
Quick restart: The following trick works on the Boo Lake, Broken Pier, Rainbow Road levels, or any of the Ghost Valley levels. If you fall out of bounds and Lakitu fishes you out, hold A (accelerate) about three seconds before he drops you off. If done correctly, you will get a quick boost of speed to get back in the race. Note: This does not work for levels such as the Bowser levels, where you are not raised by Lakitu very high off the ground.
Ribbon Road: Shortcut: In Ribbon Road on Star Cup, get to the first ramp. Hit the turbo in front of the ramp then hit the ramp. Make a hard right and hit the second track to the left. Then, hold Right until you stop bouncing and you will be ahead of the other racers.
Rainbow Road: Shortcut: When you are on the road look to the left side of the track for something that resembles a skinny long track. Go right over the edge, and since the sides make you jump, land on it. You will go very fast because of the speed boosts.
Sky Gardens: Shortcut: There is a jump at the second U-turn. Save a mushroom and use it immediately before you hit the ramp. If done correctly, you will fly off the screen. Turn to the left slightly and land on the racecourse. This is very helpful during the time trial and in the Grand Prix.
Star Road: Shortcut: This trick requires one mushroom. Start driving and when you see the easternmost part of the track, use the mushroom (aim for the small strip). You may have to steer right as hard as possible. If you pass it, two things can happen: you either boost off earlier or you can just let Lakatu pick you up and place you on the piece of track you skipped Note: . If you do not make it because you are too short, then wait slightly longer.
Super power slide: If you master the power slide technique, you can use tight turns to your advantage. As you go into a hairpin, hold R to jump, then slide. As you straighten out, release R. If timed correctly, you will get a boost of speed.
Avoid spinning out: If you hit a banana peel, immediately brake while accelerating to prevent spinning out. If done correctly, a musical note will appear over your head. Note: This works with a variety of obstacles, such as rocks, puddles, ice, etc.
Special Cup circuit: Win a gold cup in all races to unlock the Special Cup circuit.
Super Mario Kart tracks: Get 100 coins or more by the end of the cup to unlock extra tracks. Press L or R to view and play them.
Once you get an "A" rank on every cup on every class you will unlock all of the original courses from Super Mario Kart.
Alternate title screen: Successfully complete all circuits in all classes to change the background color of the title screen.
Waluigi: Win every cup (50, 100, 150) and get gold medals in everything, including the secret levels.
Control player selection screen: Press L to shoot a green shell or press R to jump at the character selection screen.
Getting a "B" rank: Finish every circuit in any cup in first place and get 100 coins (25 coins per circuit).
Use horn: Press Select during game play to use the horn.
Quick start: Press Gas just before the last number turns green during the pre-race countdown.

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