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Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland
Also known as: Hoshi no Kirby GBA

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Boss Mode:
Finish the game once and you will be able to play boss mode. It will be in the fourth option at the mini-game select screen. Boss mode allows you to play all bosses with only 6 stock of health.
Extra Mode: Get 100% in adventure mode and you'll unlock extra mode. Select adventure mode and you will have 2 options now. Select the second one. Extra Mode is slightly more difficult and you'll have only 3 stock of health instead of 6.
Meta-Knight Mode: Beat Extra Mode with 100% complete. Go to the Mini Game Select Screen. Go down to the new 5th option under Boss Mode. Select it and you will then be able to play as Meta-Knight.
Play as Meta-Knight: Beat the Extra Mode with 100% to unlock Meta-Knight as a playable character. Access it under the Mini-Game menu. You cannot save, and the game is set on Extra Game mode, but you can use any of Meta-Knight's moves.

Random ability:
If you successfully inhale two enemies that give you an ability at the same time, you will be given a chance to select any ability. However, it is too fast to select from and automatically stops then gives you a random ability (if you do not press anything).
Museum trick: If you you have unlocked all the stages in a level, try to defeat the Boss. Go to the museum and swallow any enemy if you do not have an ability yet. Remember to only jump once; jumping twice will cause Kirby to pop the enemy, then you will have to leave and return again. Go to the Boss level, and when you enter, press Select to throw away the ability. However, try to make it hit The boss. They will get some damage, making it easier to defeat them.

Ball ability:
The Ball ability may seem useless at first glance, as it is only a form of moving around a level. However, while Kirby is flashing as a ball, he is invincible and does a ludicrous amount of damage to enemies in his path. This makes it possible to destroy King Dedede in five hits. However, you will be vulnerable momentarily when you hit the ground. Jump into Bosses at such an angle that you will not land "inside" them.
Laser ability: Long distances are your friend. If you keep hurting yourself with Ball, give Laser a try. It may be weak on Bosses, but as long as you stay as far away as possible, they cannot harm you. If you want slightly more muscle at the expense of range, try Cutter.
Parasol ability: When you suck in an enemy carrying a parasol, swallow it. Jump up high so that you reach the top of the screen and press B, B. Move around with the D-pad, and you will float down gently. This is a good strategy for defeating enemies that cannot jump. Note: Bugzzy, Bonkers, etc. can jump.
UFO ability: Hold B button for five to ten seconds, which will make double star (similar to when you suck in two enemies). It will send the star that will eliminate all enemies in its path until the end of the screen.

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