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Dexters Laboratory: Deesaster Strikes
Dexters Lab

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Enter one of the Passwords below to enable the Effect you require..

Effect .... Password
Extra life .... LLRR LRLL LRLL RRLL
Extra ammunition .... LRRR LLRR LLLL RLLR
Faster movement .... LRRR RLRL RRLL RLRR
Less damage .... LRRR RLLL RLLL LLLR
Higher jumps .... LLRR RRRR LLRR LLLR
Faster opponents .... LRRR RRLL LLRR RRLL
Slower opponents .... LLRR RLRR RLLR RLLR
Stronger enemies .... LLRR RRLR RRLL LLLL
Reverse controls .... LRRR RRRL RLLR RLLL

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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