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Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Also known as: Akumajo Dracula: Circle of the Moon

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UNLOCK THE Magician ModE
Enter FIREBALL as a name and start a new game.
The word "Magician" will appear on the option screen to confirm correct code entry.
All trading cards will be available under the DSS option.


Enter CROSSBOW as a name and start a new game.
The word "Shooter" will appear on the option screen to confirm correct code entry.
Nathan will have a substantial number of hearts, extra sub-weapon damage, and can use the Homing Dagger sub-weapon in this mode.


Enter GRADIUS as a name and start a new game.
The word "Fighter" will appear on the option screen to confirm correct code entry.
Nathan will be stronger and able to sustain more damage.
There are no trading cards in this mode.

UNLOCK THE Thief mode

Enter DAGGER as a name to get your character thief stats.


Enemies that drop DSS cards
The list below is of enemies and locations that drop various DSS cards.


Bomb skeleton in Catacomb.
Earth Demon in Catacomb.
Axe Armor in Abyss Corridor(in a hidden room), Audience Room.
Electric Skeleton in Audience Room.
Stone Armor in Machine Tower.
Thunder Demon in Machine Tower.
Skeleton Athletes in Audience Room (hidden room way to the right).
Were-Panther in Chapel Tower.
White Armor in Battle Arena.
Black Dog:
Devil Armor in Battle Arena.


Bone Head in Catacomb.
Slime in Catacomb, Abyss Corridor (hidden room), and Audience Room.
Heat Shade in Machine Tower.
Bloody Sword in Chapel Tower.
Man Eater in Underground Gallery.
Arch Demon in Underground Storage.
Ice Armor in Underground Waterway.
Fallen Angel near the Battle Arena.
Scary Candle in Golem Boss Room (defeating Camilla optional).
Trick Candle in Cerebus Boss Room (defeat Camilla first).

Defeating Dracula (second round)

To defeat the second Dracula, use the Jupiter + Serpent DSS combo to get an Ice Shield and duck into the left or right corner. When he turns around (not facing you), jump up and hit him. When he turns around to face you, duck. He will not be able to hit you with anything, so he will be forced to turn back around. Continue this until he turns into an eye and you should be able to defeat him without too much trouble.

Defeating Dragon Zombies (Twin Dragons)

To defeat the Dragon Zombies easily, whenever you get hurt, jump up to the platform by the door where you entered the room and activate the Jupiter + Mandragora DSS combo to heal yourself. A fireball may hit you every once in a while, but it is very rare.

An easier way to defeat the Dragon Zombies is to jump on the left platform where the locked door that leads to the trophy is located. From there you can not be hit by a fireball because you would be behind the dragon that spits them.

Defeating Death

To defeat Death very easily, just activate the Jupiter + Manticore DSS combo. His sickles cannot hit you, and by this point in the game you will probably never run out of MP because this combo will use it slower than you restore it.

Defeating Hugh

When you are low on health, use the Roc Wing to jump to the upper left or right of the room. There will be a ledge that you can use to heal yourself, without him hurting you, by using the Jupiter + Mandragora DSS cards. However, when he powers up, blades can come up and hurt you. Turn up the sound and listen for the noise Hugh makes when he is about to use the move. When you hear it, turn on the Jupiter + Manticore combo to destroy the blades. If you are waiting for your MP to come back, only use Jupiter + Maticore when you need to.

Use DSS in the Battle Arena
In the Battle Arena, equip a good DSS Summon Combo (for example, Uranus + Cockatrice). In the pause menu, select "Items", then "Use", and use a "Mind High" (not a "Mind Restore" -- they can work, but you will need to be extremely fast). Immediately after exiting the pause menu, press your DSS button. When your character is done casting, press Down, Forward, Up, Attack. If done fast enough, you should have pulled off a summon in the Battle Arena.

Use any DSS combo without getting the cards

Select a DSS combo that you have. Activate it. As Nathan begins to glow, quickly pause. Now select any DSS combo, choosing cards from empty slots. Now instead of the DSS combo you first activated, you will get the new one you chose.

Use any DSS card combination
You must have at least one combination. Select one pair and press L (the DSS button). Immediately press Start, go into the DSS, and pick any card no matter if it is unknown or not.
This may require a few attempts.


Once you select any type of DSS combo, press R then quickly press Start and choose DSS. Select any type of DSS combination and you will be able to use that combo.


Activate a DSS powerup. As soon as your character glows, press Start to pause game play. Go to DSS, choose a combination of any two cards. You can mix cards you have with cards you do not have. Resume the game. You will now have the power-up you chose. You can do this as many times as needed.
You need at least one DSS move for this to work.


Choose a DSS card and while he glows (the activation of the DSS card) pause while he is glowing right after you activate it go into DSS cards and you can use DSS cards that you don't have.
Its a good code but the picture on the card is not going to be there. And also the summonig card (3rd to last on the top is the best)


If you have the time to spare, go to a place where only Specters attack you.
Activate the Jupiter + Serpent combination. By the time you get to fighting Specter, you should have enough MP and INT to not have to worry about running out. Leave your system on AC power and leave it running all day in that area. Depending on your the level when you started, you can gain 20 to 30 levels.

Spinning attack

When using the whip, hold down Attack to make it spin around in a circle. It will act like a shield, so you cannot get hit by small enemies around you. Note: You cannot move while doing this attack.

Attack while cursed

You can still attack while cursed. Just use the tackle move (press R while running) when relatively close to an enemy that is on or near the ground.

Sage Robe

Go to the secret room where Lilith is located. Killing her and eventually you will get the Sage Robe, which is the best armor beside the Shining Armor. You can easily defeat Lilith by summoning the big electric bird. She also drops Mind Exs and also is worth 20,000 experience points. The secret room is located at the bottom right corner where you first meet the flying Succubus ladies. It is directly under the top door -- you have to hit the walls to find it.

Shoot from the rear

Equip the Bear Ring (from Skeleton Medalist in a secret room on the left side of the shaft you fall down in the beginning of the game) and activate the last two DSS cards (Pluto and Black Dog). You w le="text-transform: uppercase">Rainbow Robe
Go to the Underground Warehouse and find the Forest Armor. Keep destroying Forest Armor until it drops the Rainbow Robe. It also drops Chain Mail. Combine DSS cards Venus + Mandragora to increase your luck and have better chances of finding the Rainbow Robe. The Rainbow Robe increases your Defense by 140, Intelligence by 250, and Luck by 15.

Submitted by: AJ, Terry Y, Tony Aspider, HairySnowman and B. Taylor

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