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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Also known as: Castlevania: Gyougetsu no Enbukyoku

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Enter your name as one of the Names below to enable the Effect you require, then start a new game.

Effect .... Name
Use no souls .... NOSOUL
Use no items .... NOUSE
Play as Julius Belmont* .... JULIUS

Cheat Note:

*Play as Julius Belmont: You must complete the game with a good ending before you can enter this name.


Play as Julius Belmont:
Complete the game with a good ending. Then, enter JULIUS as a name and start a new game.
Alternate ending sequence: To see the true ending, get all ancient books and defeat Graham (Dracula). You will be able to continue and go to the Chaos Dimension to battle Chaos. Defeat it to end the game.

Submitted by: AJ and CharltonX

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