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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats
Bubble Bobble Old and New

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The Super mode has new backgrounds, enemy formations, and an alternate ending.
Choose a saved game file, then go to the Bubble Bobble New title screen. Press:
Right, R, Left, L, Select, R, Select, L.
You can repeat the code to return to normal mode.


Enter one of the following Initials on the high score screen, then start a new game to unlock the Item/Effect.

Item/Effect .... Initial

Beer mug/pizza instead of bubbles .... KTT
Flamingo/pink worms instead of bubbles .... STR
Fork/enemies turn into fruit .... SEX
Knife/enemies turn into various items .... ...
Octopus/wooden stakes instead of bubbles .... TAK
Soda can/enemies turn into various items .... I.F
Soda can/enemies turn into various items .... KIM
Soda can/enemies turn into various items .... MTJ
Soda can/enemies turn into various items .... NSO.
Soda can/enemies turn into various items .... YSH

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