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Battle Network RockMan EXE 2
Also known as: MegaMan Battle Network 2

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After getting all 5 stars, at the title screen, point to 'New Game', then press:
Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right (not the shoulder buttons).
'New Game' should turn ORANGE.
Now select new game, when you look at the menu, you'll find that 'netbattle' has been disabled (blackened out). At this point, save, then restart your game, you will find hard mode under 'New Game' and 'Continue'.


Blocking Fishys: Whenever you fight a Fishy (V1 V2 or V3), use a chip that sets up an obstacle (Remobit, Guardian, etc.) and put it in front of you. The Fishys cannot go through these obstacles. This is useful for buying time to get chips or P.A. in the exams.
Shadow Wide Sword: If you have any type of Shadow Chip and already upgraded the charge in your Mega Man profile, equip the Shadow Chip during battle and charge your Blaster while you are in shadow mode. When the charge is ready, release A and you will immediately transport to the enemy panels. The closest enemy to you will be hit with the Shadow Wide Sword, as well as anyone else in a vertical angle. The damage is the same from your Blaster when charged.
Geddon3 chip: After you defeat Shadow Man, go to MarinHarbor. From the center building, go down the flight of stairs and look closely at the screen. You should see a blur every few seconds. Walk up and talk to it. A little girl will say, "You found it! You take it". You will receive the Geddon3 chip.
2xHero chip advance: You must have these chips in this order during a battle for the 2xHero Chip upgrade: Custswrd B, Varswrd B, Protoman B. Note: You must have the same code and have to be in the order shown.
Zeta Cannon upgrade chip: During a fight, at any time you get these chips, you will form the Zeta Cannon: Cannon A, Cannon B, Cannon C. Note: You have only five seconds with this cannon -- shoot as many shots as possible. Remember to put them in alphabetical order.
Subchip plus memory: After you defeat Magnet Man, go to Netopia. In first screen (after going out from Arrival Lobby), search a tree in west screen. Talk to the boy and you will get Subchip plus memory.
Transparent Mega Man: Go to a panel in Kotobuki, Yumland, or Undernet and slide on the arrow panels. Walk back into the panels. Note: It should not t let you through. This will make two Mega Man bodies appear; if not, just two faces.
Defeating Gateman: If you have the style Fireguts, charge your attack by holding A then release it. Even if he has used Remo Gate, the flames will pass right through, and if aimed correctly, will hit him regardless. The flames also destroy his soldiers easily.
Defeating Gutsman: During your battle with him, move Mega Man to one of the front squares. When you do this, Gutsman will approach to punch you. Dodge the punch by moving sideways, then immediately move back to the original location and hit him with a chip. He will now move to a different square, then return to hit you again. When this happens, do the same thing again. When you run out of chips, charge your Megabuster and hit him with it. Note: This strategy will only work with a Guts-style Mega Man.
Defeating Thunderman: When it comes time to get on the net and find your stolen Battlechips, you must netbattle Thunderman. To defeat him easily, put a Fan in your folder as a default chip; or make sure it comes up soon in the battle. When you use it, Thunderman will be pulled up front. When the Fan gets destroyed, he cannot move forwards or backwards. Use swords, dashattacks, quakes, and anything lethal while he either tries to hit you with lightning or uses his clouds to shoot electricity at you. When you attack and make a hit, his attack will immediately stop. While he is off guard, use your gun or any other chips to inflict more damage. However, be careful of the three clouds sliding back and forth. If you are not on guard and quick to move sideways, these clouds could cost you a victory as they are formidable in battle.

Submitted by: Chris Q, Andrew Mann, MegaR and CheatBookJon

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