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Game Boy Advance GBA Game Cheats
Army Men: Operation Green
Also known as: Army Men: Operation Annihilation

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Level .... Password
2 .... 5VKPR6*B or K*67LZZM
3 .... 5PK5LL*4 or F58FWJ*N
4 .... Y8DTF4HK or 3MC9TS15
5 .... 62BVXHXY or 3SXRLWOJ
6 .... MQ5310VP or Y0V7G6ZM
7 .... SZQR6W1J or DLTYD4G7
8 .... 44BQQCWH or NJ98C3XD
9 .... F4J1ZRWG or CG4PPSC6
10 .... FFOOWP36 or 5QFXBJJZ
11 .... *HBNVVV4 or 52CN4BBH
12 .... 85M3QCF* or *BR53WWF

Submitted by: B. Taylor

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