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Zoo Cube

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Unlock Gold difficulty:
To unlock Gold difficulty, beat Pacific Ocean on Classic.
Unlock Secret Level Gulf Of Mexico: To unlock the secret level Gulf Of Mexico, complete Pacific Ocean on Classic.
Unlock Platinum mode and the Gold mode version of Gulf of Mexico: In Gold mode, complete all of the stages up through Pacific Ocean - Once you beat Pacific Ocean you will be taken back to the game menu screen. (Make sure you go to configuration and Save your progress!) At that point, you will now be able to play in Platinum mode. You can then also play the Gold mode version of Gulf of Mexico. (Which, just like in Gold mode, is extremely difficult. Only this time, even worse
Unlock the warp speed setting: The speed settings will gradually unlock for you as you progress through the game, but the ultimate ''Warp Speed'' setting will only become available once you complete every stage up through the Pacific Ocean on Platinum Mode.

Submitted by: David Finch and CheatBookJon

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