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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats

Wave Race: Blue Storm

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La Razza Canal time attack track

Enter MJV8LKL6 as a password to unlock this track in hard under time attack mode.

Dolphin Park stunt track

Enter 463YWNX3 as a password to unlock this track in normal under stunt mode.

Ride a Dolphin

Enter DLPHNMOD as a password to ride on the back of a dolphin in free run mode.
You can still perform tricks on the dolphin, but you can only do backflips and barrel rolls.


Get Ocean Track
Finish the game using normal difficulty in championship mode

Get Victory Gate Track

Finish the game using expert difficulty in championship mode

Get Aqua Maze Track
Finish the game using hard difficulty in championship mode

Get Try mode

Finish training mode using the beginner and master difficulty go get try option in training menu

Get Weather Picking

Finish the game using expert championship mode and get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place to get weather in Time Trial


Get Tournament Mode
Go to the options menu and press X + Z + Start to get a password option.  Now passwords for time tournaments can be inputted.

Get New Costumes

After highlighting a racer press Z at the character select screen

Get Fast StarT

Press A just before the Go appears

Control Water on Load Screen
While loading press Left Analog Stick

Submitted by: LedZep, AJ and B. Taylor

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