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Turok Evolution

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Enter one of the passwords below on the Enter Cheat screen to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Unlock all Chapters* .... sellout
Invincibility .... emerpus
Infinite Ammo .... Madman
All weapons on current level .... texas
Invisible ... sllewgh

* With the Unlock all chapters password, Load a save file and then select any Chapter.
Note: The Auto-Save function will be disabled when using this cheat.

Up close and personal. Also a good stealth weapon.
Bow: Short to medium range. Against weaker enemies the normal arrows should be used. Against the bigger guys, explosive arrows are recommended. A very stealthy weapon.
Mini-gun: The flachette mode is perfect for stealthy close to medium combat. It's also the only weapon that can be fired underwater. The minigun is great for swarms of attacking close range enemies.
Tek-Bow: Medium to very long range. Tek-Bow has best sniper scope in the game. Very useful for picking off dreaded snipers.
Grenade/Spiked Mine: The grenade is great for bouncing around corners or lofting over cover barriers. The spike mine is great for laying down traps for enemies.
Sniper Pistol: Close range against weaker enemies for pistol mode. Medium to long range for the sniper mode.
Shotgun: Up close. A 4 shell blast at close range can take down most enemies, and just plain explode the weaker ones.
Guided Device: Great for looking around to see what's ahead, or luring enemies away from areas they are guarding.

Submitted by: G. Stance, CheatBookJon and LL

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