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On the Title Screen, hold L + R and press:
A, B, Z, X, Y, Z, B, Y, Z, X, A, Z.
Release L + R and a sound will confirm.

With this cheat, all the boarders will have full stat points.
On the Title screen, hold L + R and press:
B, B, Z, B, B, Z, A, A, Z, A, A, Z.
Release L + R and a sound will confirm.


On the Title Screen, hold L + R and press:
A, A, Z, X, X, Z, B, B, Z, Y, Y, Z.
Release L + R and a sound will confirm.
Choose Elise and start a track. Elise will have the Mallora Board and a blue outfit.
This code only works for Elise.


On the title screen, hold L + R and press:
A, A, Z, A, A, Z, A, A, Z, A, A, Z.
Release L + R and a sound will confirm.
Choose Mac at the character selection screen and he will be replaced by Mix Master Mike on the course, with Mac's ubers. He has decks on his back and a vinyl board.
Repeat the code to disable its effect.


Unlock all characters. Then successfully complete the world circuit using the following characters in order: JP, Mac, Psymon, Zoe, Eddie, Mike, Brodi, Kaori, Luther, and Marisol. Go to the main menu, select "Single Event", and go to "Cheats". In this menu, you can turn on two different secret characters with full stats, extra boards and outfits for all of the characters, and extra trick chapters for each character. There is also an infinite tricky meter option.


Play as Brodi:
Win a gold medal in world circuit mode.
Play as Zoe: Win two gold medals in world circuit mode.
Play as JP: Win three gold medals in world circuit mode.
Play as Kaori: Win four gold medals in world circuit mode.
Play as Marisol: Win five gold medals in world circuit mode.
Play as Psymon: Win six gold medals in world circuit mode.
Play as Seeiah: Win seven gold medals in world circuit mode.
Play as Luther: Win eight gold medals in world circuit mode.
Pipedream course:
Win a medal on all Showoff courses.
Untracked course: Win a medal on all Race courses.
Uberboards: Unlock all of the tricks for a character to get their uberboard, which is their best board.
Fugi board: Get a gold medal on every course with all boarders with their uberboard to unlock a Fugi board. It is the ultimate board and allows you to do a "???" every time.
Alternate costumes: To earn more costumes, complete all chapters in your trick book. To unlock the final chrome costume, complete world circuit mode with a "Master" rank.

More points for Uber Tricks:
When you have "TRICKY" and are about to go off a jump, do a Misty, Rodeo, Back or Front Flip, or a Spin. While in the air, do an Uber Trick as soon as possible. Keep rotating and the score will go higher. Note: Do not do this if you are going off a small jump.
Restore Tricky meter:
If you are running out of Tricky boost (for Uber Tricks), do a 180 while riding to get it full.
Faster TRICKY with Eddie: Get "Tricky" with Eddie on a freestyle board and keep doing the L + B Uber trick. This will make him perform a superman, a fast and valuable trick. You can do this on almost any ramp or hill and it will add up to a super Uber boost. This is very helpful if you are in a race and need the boost.
Master ranking: Go to world circuit with any character and win all gold medals.
Unlocking all characters easily: Get the gold medal on Garabaldi with all the characters you have. Then, get gold with the next character you earn. Keep doing this until you unlock all the characters.
Signs: You will occasionally see red and blue SSX Tricky signs that lead to secrets and shortcuts. The blue signs are for showoff, and the red signs are for racing. Sometimes the blue signs are also faster.
Super boost:
Do Uber Tricks until the letters on top of your adrenaline bar (T-R-I-C-K-Y) are filled in red. Your meter will stay full, give you unlimited boost, and enable you to do Uber Tricks without a time limit.
Board turn on rail: If your rider is on a rail with your board the long way (which is easier to fall off), you can switch your board sideways by pressing Left or Right. Your rider does not have to jump off, spin 90 degrees, and miss the rest of the rail.
Rail boost: If you are having trouble making it up a curved rail and need some speed, press B to activate your adrenaline. This can get you up almost any rail, no matter what your speed, and as long as you have some adrenaline.
Easy trick book completion: There is a huge cliff on the first jump of Garibaldi. Do all your tricks here.
Better flips and spins: Hold the direction you are going to spin or flip before you get off the jump to spin or flip faster. It is possible to get four flips in the Pipedream course in the very big halfpipe.
Easy flip landing: To land flips easier, start a flip as usual then press the Analog-stick the same way that you are flipping to make your boarder rush the flip. This helps when you are about to crash a flip. Also, if you are spinning and want to do a Misty 720, do a regular Misty then hold the Analog-stick in the same direction that you are spinning. You will gain an extra 180 without the game calling it a "Late 180".
Easy "???" trick: Go to any of the tracks that have either a big jump or a "trick boost." Hit one of these and do either a Misty, Rodeo, Front Flip, or Back Flip. If you do four or more of the same trick, you will land it as a "???" trick. The point value depends on the kind of grab or flip that was done... If you go over 1800 by spinning, you will also get a "???". Note: This is best done with a freestyle boarder with full stats.
More air in halfpipes: To get more air in the halfpipes, hold the boost until you go of the edge. To get more air hold Jump at the same time and release it before you go off. This is especially useful in the Pipedream level, where you need to get those high bonuses in Showoff mode. You can also pull off better tricks in other courses that have pipes.
Uber Tricks: Press L + B, L + R + B, R + Z + B, R + B, and Z + B (only one combo for each jump). For the Uber Tricks that include Z, you must hold Z for one second then press B.


At blue and red arrow signs, go the path with the red sign. Near the first turn, you will see a blue SSX Tricky sign. Crash into it. It will lead you to a huge shortcut with lots of cliffs. Note: In the shortcut there is another SSX Tricky sign. Do not crash into it or the shortcut will end.
Secret rail: In the beginning of the course, hit the caution blocks on the right and aim for the rail. If done correctly, you should be grinding a secret rail.
Easy Tricky: On the fifth or sixth turn there is a sharp turn. Keep going straight and jump off the edge. Get a lot of air and this may bring you up so much on the turbo you will be "Tricky"... When you come out of the starting gates at Garibaldi, turn left and jump up onto the fence. Do a few flip/spin/grab combos, landing back on the fence every time. After two or three, you should have you "Tricky" before getting to the first jump. Note: Do not fall off to the left or it will be very difficult to get back over without losing your boost/"Tricky".
Untracked preview: At Garibaldi, you can go to part of the Untracked level before it has been unlocked. When you reach a fork on part of the track, turn right. You will find a blue shortcut sign. Go in it. You will be on the Untracked level. Do not turn into the next shortcut sign. It will put you back on the regular track.


Make sure that you come out of every intersection on the left side. At one of the intersections there is ice starting just before a wall at the edge of an intersection. You will see it if you come out on the left side. Go up it and follow it along the fans. You will then reach a part where there will be snow with a lot of things that look somewhat resemble moguls. Take this all the way down and you will come out on the river that has the bridge with two jumps on it. Go straight into the water and you will be on the bridge, hopefully in first place....
After you go through the park, you will reach the suspended bridge. You must fall below the bridge. Travel this path until the last glass ramp to the top. Do not go up the ramp. Instead, get under it. There is a pipe entrance that is covered located there. Run directly through it to reach the subway, and the finish line. This can be done in showoff and race modes...
When you start, slow down or stop then start off slowly again and break through the red glass. If you go directly through the middle, you will hit a rail. You can pull a massive trick off the jump...
When you are at the section where you go off a few jumps and then through the tunnel before the halfpipe area, get a lot of air off of the second or third jump. You will land in a building and be in an office. Go through the building and at the end where there is more glass, go directly through the middle. You will hit another rail that will take you into another building. After the second building, you will go off a drop, get a lot of air, and can pull a good trick.
UFO: Ride normally through all the intersections and wait until you see a red SSX Tricky sign in front of a multi-level parking lot. Go through the signs and you should see several cars around. Look for the exit downward ramp to the parking lot that should not be too far away. Go down the ramp and jump onto the building directly in front of you. Next, jump onto the building located to your left. You should have seen the UFO by now. The UFO is green-black and shoots a ray down by a nearby building. For a closer look, grind on the rail at the edge of the building you are on that should be facing the UFO.


Hidden speed boost:
Off to the left side at the start of the level (just before the blue and yellow striped barrier) is a small boost spot.
Tokyo Megaplex: Shortcut: Just before you go into the air tube that blasts you up, hit the button that raises the jump in front of the air tube. Go off it and make sure you end up going into the air tube. You will probably be blasted higher than normal. Land on top of the platform with the flashing arrow signs. Grind down the grinding rail there. If you grind all the way, and make it every time, you have to switch to another rail. You will eventually run out of rails to ride and drop off onto one of the pipes that are suspended above the course. By now you should be in first place and very far into the course. If you do this every lap on the course, you will win. Be careful however, as you need lots of speed to follow the rails all the way....
Press Y immediately when you leave the air tube. It will sometimes drop you on the finish line, allowing you to get times of about 20 to 30 seconds.
Easy points: To get the most points in Tokyo Megaplex in showoff mode, fill up your "TRICKY" meter on the moguls early in the level. Go into the air tube. You should have enough time to do two of your shortest Uber tricks (some characters can do three, such as Kaori's Body Board). Up the air tube is a huge network of criss-crossing grind rails, only in showoff mode. Grind them until you fall off. Note: There are many gaps in the grind rails. Make sure you know where they are, and do 180s when you jump to the next rail.
Easier way to rails: There are rails that hang over the entire place. If you can stay on them long enough, you can cut your time in half. To get to them easily, after being blown out of the air tube, ride back over the edge of the steel halfpipe. You will land on a cement surface if you do not go too fast. Once on, press Y and you will reappear at the top near the rails. Grind them the entire way down to get far ahead in a race.


At the end, where the big fan makes you go faster, if you are not in first place do a half-flip and fall. The fan will blow you on the ground. Then, at the end of the ramp, you will go downwards, which a faster way.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ and Mobymont20

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