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Enter one of the Passwords below as a case-sensitive code to enable the Effect you require.
With the Effects marked with a '*' you will need to enter a lodge, select rider detail, then choose the cheat character.

Effect .... Password
Unlock Unlock all peaks .... biggerthank7
Unlock all artwork .... naturalconcept
Unlock all boards .... graphicdelight
Unlock all videos .... myeyesaredim
Unlock all playlist songs .... djsuperstar
Unlock all toys .... nogluerequired
Unlock all trading cards .... gotitgotitneedit
Unlock all posters .... postnobills
Unlock Brodi* .... zenmaster
Unlock Bunny San* .... wheresyourtail
Unlock Canhuck* .... greatwhitenorth
Unlock Churchill* .... tankengine
Unlock Cudmore* .... milkemdaisy
Unlock Eddie* .... worm
Unlock Gutless* .... boneyardreject
Unlock Hiro* .... slicksuit
Unlock Jurgen* .... brokenleg
Unlock Luther* .... bronco
Unlock Marty* .... back2future
Unlock North West Legend* .... callhimgeorge
Unlock Snowballs* .... betyouveneverseen
Unlock Stretch* .... windmilldunk
Unlock Svelte Luther* .... notsosvelte
Unlock Unknown Rider* .... finallymadeitin
Unlock Peak 1 clothes .... shoppingspree

Far East Myth:
Get 100% in all mountain stats. Enter a lodge, select rider detail, then choose cheat character.
JP: Selectable at the Peak 1 Lodge as a cheat character.
Marisol: Selectable at the Peak 1 Lodge as a cheat character.
Seeiah: Selectable at the Peak 2 Lodge as a cheat character.
Brodi: Choose that character at the Peak 1 Lodge.
Bunny San: Collect all the art.
Canhuck: Complete the Peak 3 exploration goal.
Churchill: Complete the Peak 3 freestyle.
Cudmore: Complete the Peak 3 earnings goal.
Eddie: Choose that character at the Peak 2 Lodge.
Gutless: Get a medal in all events.
Hiro: Collect all the trading cards.
Jurgen: Complete all Peak 1 goals.
Luther: Choose that character at the Peak 2 Lodge.
Marty: Choose that character at the Peak 2 Lodge.
North West Legend: Complete all Peak 3 goals.
Snowballs: Complete all Peak 2 goals.
Stretch: Collect all the posters.
Svelte Luther: Collect all the toys.
Unknown Rider:
Complete all Peak 3 race goals.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Aaron Jeffries, Maggie, Ro'IRoz, Simon F, Xxeno2078, Robbie and many more with the same/similar cheats - Thank you

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