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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats

SpiderMan: The Movie
Spider Man The Movie, Spider-Man the Movie

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Go to the Special section, and enter one of the Passwords below in the Cheat section to enable the Effect you require..

Effect .... Password
Master code .... ARACHNID
Unlock All Levels .... IMIARMAS
Unlock the Big Head Mode .... GOESTOYOURHEAD
Unlock the First Person Mode .... UNDERTHEMASK
Unlock Small Spider .... SPIDERBYTE
Unlock the Matrix Mode .... DODGETHIS
Play as a Thug .... THUGSRUS
Play as a Lab Scientist .... SERUM
Play as Mary Jane .... GIRLNEXTDOOR
Play as Knuckles the Thug .... KNUCKLES
Play as Uncle Ben's Killer .... STICKYRICE
Play as the Shocker .... HERMANSCHULTZ
Play as a Cop .... REALHERO
Play as Captain Stacey .... CAPTAINSTACEY
Enemy Big Head Mode .... JOELSPEANUTS
Play in Goblin Suit .... FREAKOUT
Unlimited Webbing .... ORGANICWEBBING
No Overheating* .... CHILLOUT

This cheat is for when you play as green goblin.
When you unlock him go to special and go to passwords, then type in the CHILLOUT to not ever have the Green Goblin's glider get overheated.
This is a very nice code when you play as him.

Play as Green Goblin:
Use the IMIAMRMAS code to unlock all levels. Second, start a new game on the superhero difficulty then quit. Next, go to special and choose the level select option. Select the last choice in the list to view the game ending. Finally, when you go to the secrets store, you'll see a new option to play as Green Goblin.
Unlock "Pinhead" bowling mini-game: Earn 10000 points in the single player game. Points are earned for playing well, and other constraints (time bonuses, etc....)
Unlock unused Vulture CG scene: Earn 20000 points in the single player game. Points are earned for playing well, and other constraints (time bonuses, etc....)

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ, Thomas Lejing, Darrin Parke, DChrisser and many others with the same cheats.. thanks

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